No, Mr. Ramos. America is OUR country and we will enforce immigration laws

Univision vocero Jorge Ramos obviously failed the Dale Carnegie course on Effective jorge ramos claims America belongs to latinos not us citizens.pngCommunications and Human Relations Skills for Success.

Your ignorant rants against my president, my fellow Americans, and against me do not serve to foster a healthy, civil relationship between your country and our country.

There is this myth, this lie that formerly Mexican territories that now fly the American flag were ‘stolen’ from Mexico. Just to supplement your ignorance of history, Mr. Ramos. I give you the following facts of history.

Mexico losses encompassed an area that included all of the present State of Texas, as well as parts of present-day New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, and Wyoming after Texans defeated dictator Antonio López de Santa Anna.

The Texans who revolted against Mexico were almost entirely Mexican citizens. Yes, Sam Houston, Lorenzo de Zavala, José Antonio Navarro, Stephen F. Austin, and William B. Travis were loyal Mexican citizens who led the revolt against a ruthless dictator who trampled the Constitution of the United States of Mexico.

The United States of America PURCHASED the border areas of Arizona and New Mexico to resolve a border dispute between Mexico and the USA. Meeting in Mexico City on December 30, 1853, James Gadsden, U.S. Minister to Mexico, and General Antonio López de Santa Anna, president of Mexico, signed the Gadsden Purchase in Mexico City. This was ten years after the Texas revolution.

A little more than twenty years after the Texas revolution there was a war between Mexico and the United States. Congress overwhelmingly approved a declaration of war on May 13, but the United States entered the war divided. Democrats, especially those in the Southwest, strongly favored the conflict. [Ency. Britannica]

You lost; we won. We paid Mexico $30 million for the rest of present-day US western states, including California.

No, Mr. Jorge Ramos, all the land between present-day borders with Mexico and Canada belong to us, the US, not Mexico.

I know the truth hurts, but you will sleep better knowing it.

Tome sus declaraciones ignorantes en relación con el territorio de los Estados Unidos y póngalas donde el sol no brille.

Saber es poder, amigo.

John White

Rockwall, Texas
PS: Si alguna vez está Ud. en Rockwall, le invito a almorzar en uno de nuestros buenos restaurantes conmigo.

2 thoughts on “No, Mr. Ramos. America is OUR country and we will enforce immigration laws

  1. Lets all vote again and it would be the same. Mexico should pay the USA for each citizen that would rather work here than in their own country..

    1. Few Americans know the impact of annual remittances to Mexico that are a more substantial than oil revenues. According to NBS News, 2015 remittances amounted to Mexico were about $24.8 billion. At some point, the Mexican government will awaken to the reality it depends more on remittances than oil for its economy. When that happens, the anti-Trump rhetorical tone will substantially moderate to a respectful level.

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