Democrats outraged their IRS, NSA, and FBI political operatives uncover no political dirt on Donald Trump

Why did we the people elect Donald Trump to be our president?

Was it to restore prosperity in the USA? On the heels of protracted middle east wars with Muslims who pledge to annihilate us while a sitting president openly yields to Islam while undermining Christian society and imperiling Israel? Perhaps it was his signature legislation called ObamaCare that wreaked havoc on US medical care and private insurance companies that turned us to someone who pledged to make America great again.

The answer? All of the above and more moved us to elect someone not under the control of establishment politicians, someone who would drain the swamp of overbearing leftist bureaucrats in Washington, D.C.

So it is this morning I come upon a story about two house Republicans who joined with the anti-Trump Democrats who demand President Trump turn over TEN YEARS OF HIS INCOME TAX RECORDS.


Excerpt from the story: “North Carolina’s Walter Jones and South Carolina’s Mark Sanford were the only two members of the GOP to sign the letter, which asks the Senate Committee on Finance and the House Ways and Means Committee to demand the Treasury Department turn over Trump’s tax returns from the last decade. The letter says the returns should be made available to members of the two committees in a “closed” session, with the eventual goal of “making them available to the public.””

Is it possible or even probable representatives Walter Jones and Mark Sanford are the only two people on the planet who are unaware of the Democrat strategy to oppose everything governmental reform our president, and by extension, We the People want to accomplish?

Numerous news stories report how Democrats plan to go after each and every remedial action of this sitting president. What news stories?

The last on the list above sums up the strategy of establishment politicians and the Democrat party: divide and conquer.

Personal to Representatives Walter Jones and Mark Sanford

You have partaken of the Democrat Kool-Aid. You have betrayed us and we are not happy with you.

Allow me to say it this way: We won. They lost.We the American People want ObamaCare fully repealed. We don’t want it fixed, refashioned, or ‘new and improved’. We want it gone.

The obvious reason Democrats want to get their hands on President Trump’s past ten years of tax records is to use it as envy propaganda against us.

“South Carolina [RINO] senator Lindsey Graham suggested that a law be passed requiring future presidential candidates release their tax returns. His proposed law would apply to Trump “if he’s a candidate for president” in 2020, Politico reported.” Thanks for being true to your character, Senator Graham. We knew the Democrats could count on you to do what they alone cannot do: undermine President Trump.

Thanks for being true to your character, Senator Graham. We knew the Democrats could count on you to do what they alone cannot do: undermine President Trump.

The Democrats say they just want to know that Mr. Trump isn’t a tax cheat. To this false accusation, I say it’s helpful to know the IRS was totally committed to Barack Obama and the Democrats to spy on and harm conservative Americans throughout Obama’s eight years in office. To be sure, if there was any hint of wrongdoing, the IRS would have pounced on Donald Trump.

Democrats also say such an exhaustive investigation would reveal any nefarious dealings between businessman Donald Trump and the Russians, this would already be in the headlines. You see, Obama political appointees remain on the federal payroll and it is they who spy on the president and leak potentially damaging stories to the news media.

An alternative investigation is in order

Obviously, Senator Chuck Schumer’s dealings with the Russians deserve attention.

The Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak visited the Obama White House 22 times. What were they discussing? I doubt anything good for America. Don’t you agree?

Nancy Pelosi met with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak. She denied ever meeting him, but a 2010 photo captured her across the table from the ambassador and Democrat Steny Hoyer.

Where were these curious Democrats while Hillary Clinton was selling U.S. uranium to the Russians who without a doubt are assisting the Iranians to develop nuclear weapons that will be used to destroy Israel and the U.S.? Let’s first investigate Democrat officials. Perhaps even Lindsey Graham will lead the pack of RINOs to the same conclusion.


Tell your congressional delegation, your two U.S. Senators and your U.S. Representative to say to the Democrats, “Stuff it!”. Let’s demand they do the people’s work by draining the swamp, reversing Democrat socialism, uprooting Democrat corruption, and make America great again.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

One thought on “Democrats outraged their IRS, NSA, and FBI political operatives uncover no political dirt on Donald Trump

  1. The hypocrisy of Democratic leadership is overwhelming…never allowing for “what is good for the goose is good for the gander””! The senate minority leader & the house minority leader sling insults to the president for not even coming close to doing what they have done, yet the howl for his scalp! Call a spade, a spade!, but don’t give such stupidity the space for their lies,while the president needs a chance to start his administration to change the country for the best after 8 years of complete lies by the very media that is attempting to undermine the new administration.

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