Iranian Muslims called for ‘hope and change’ – Sharia enough they got it.

The hijab has its origin in Arabic culture. The hijab mandated under sharia law is not a derivative of the Qur’an according to Dr. Ibrahim B. Syed, president of the Islamic Research Foundation International, Inc. located in Louisville, Kentucky.

saudi women required to wear the black abaya
In Saudi Arabia when in public women are required to wear a black abaya

Dr. Syed, a Qur’anic scholar, writes that the Qur’an does not mandate wearing the hijab.He says, “…the Qur’an aims to eliminate all sources of temptations and enticement in society, and does not want women should bear the brunt of the burden in this process. However, the vast majority of Muslim men want that women should be covered from head to toe except perhaps for one roaming eye, and men may happily swagger around undisturbed by scrumptious female parts. Worst of all, this fundamentally male-indulgent view is presented as God’s unquestionable truth.”

The abaya worn by the Saudi women in the above photograph is a head-to-toe dress with a slit for the eyes. The hijab is comparable to an American woman’s headscarf and this is where the similarity ends. Muslim men dress as they please and most dress just like you and me, assuming you are an American reader.

Again I quote Dr. Syed’s treatise on the hijab:

“[Dr. Khaled Abou El Fadl] argues that in contemporary Muslim societies people tend to become authoritative by imposing a single viewpoint to the total exclusion of others. Shariah (Islamic law) is then invoked to quash debate by people who are themselves not adequately qualified to do so.”

saudi woman may face death for not wearing either the abaya or the hijab in public

To the point, the wearing of the hijab is not a mandate of the Qur’an or the Muslim hadith, but a cultural tool of Arabs to subjugate women. Now to the Persian folk.

With the aid and consent of President Jimmy Carter, Islamists overthrew the Shah of Iran

miss iran pagent of 1968
1968 Miss Iran contestants

in 1979. Immediately the imposition of Sharia law was forced onto a thoroughly modern westernized culture.

A little history is in order. I quote from the Non-Violent Action Database:

“Iranians sought to end the repressive dictatorship of the Shah, who was seen as both corrupt and beholden to extravagant Western governments. Many Iranians were upset by the Shah’s administration because, even in the wake of a national oil boom, wealth was unequally distributed. Initially, [protesters] wanted to reestablish 1906-1909 laws that created a constitutional monarchy.” Read more Iranians overthrow the Shah

The Mullahs promised ‘hope and change’. They got the change and lost all hope.

iranian women in islamic dress
Iranian women today

Before the Shah was deposed, Iran was becoming a very modern society where Jews and Christians worked alongside Muslims. Today’s Iran is a hell hole for Jews, Christians, and Muslims.

Although the Persians follow the Shiite Muslim way and Saudi Arabia the Sunni, Iranian women essentially have been forced to wear a Saudi garment.

The hijab can be seen as nothing more than Muslim men oppressing Muslim women.

“Reza Shah Pahlavi came to power in 1925, and began to implement a policy of secularism and modernization, not unlike that of his counterpart in Turkey, Ataturk. Throughout the Pahlavi era (1925-1979), women made considerable gains in education, employment, suffrage and family rights.” Read more: Unveiling and Reveiling in Iran

Nike of the tennis shoe business has a new product for America: a sporty hijab. Isn’t it cute?

nike hijab
The new Sporty Nike hijab

Islamists have infiltrated practically every sector of American society. U.S. Senator Barack Obama promoted Islam over Christianity starting with an interview on the Christian Broadcasting Network in 2007. Read: Obama to CBN News: We’re no Longer Just a Christian Nation | Monday, July 30, 2007

George Barna reported in his The State of the Church 2016 report, “Almost three-quarters of Americans (73%) say they are a Christian, while only one-fifth (20%) claim no faith at all (that includes atheists and agnostics). A fraction (6%) identify with faiths like Islam, Buddhism, Judaism or Hinduism, and 1 percent are unsure. Not only do most Americans identify as Christian, but a similar percentage (73%) also agree that religious faith is very important in their life (52% strongly agree + 21% somewhat agree).” Do you suppose Barack Obama ever read the Barna report?

The ‘hope and change’ longed for by those on the left, those who identify as Democrats, are repeating history as it happened in Cuba, Iran, and Turkey. Instead of learning how a free society such as ours endures, they yield to the seduction of lies.

Make no mistake. Muslim women suffer oppression and the hijab is the garment that marks their low estate. Oh, they enjoy most of our freedoms while living here, but the end of Islam is a culture of death and oppression.

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