Mexico says will boycott U.S. Corn – Why do they buy it in the first place?

The Mexican rulers are up in arms as President Trump demands an even playing field with imports and exports.

Corn actually originated in Mexico as a wild plant. As with all cultivated grains, today’s corn grown in America doesn’t resemble the original species native to Mexico.

Corn is a Mexican staple. In fact, corn is a global staple.

Back to the boycott issue, why does Mexico buy 23% of our annual corn crop? Why do you shop at Walmart? No nation produces corn of the quality and in the quantity of the United States of America. Mexicans buy our corn instead of domestic Mexican corn because it’s cheaper and it’s better. This is not rocket science.

Was NAFTA a good idea? How well I remember billionaire entrepreneur Ross Perot say in opposition to the trade deal: he could hear a “giant sucking sound” down south of the border. Consider the before and after effect on trade with Mexico up through 2015.

In the headlines today, Mexico threatens to ditch US corn imports.

mexico imports billions of dollars of corn from the US.PNG
Mexican officials huff and puff and threaten to buy their corn from South America. Well, go right ahead. Adelante señores. The problem is simply this: There isn’t enough South American corn to satisfy the needs of Mexican ranchers and consumers. Did I not say no country produces corn of a higher quality and lower price than U.S. farmers?

As Lance Wallnau aptly describes President Donald Trump, he is indeed the human wrecking ball and we need to shake up corrupt and bloated U.S. government and global trade to restore the greatness of America.

We must pay down the 20-trillion-dollar debt and we can’t do this while buying on credit.

Will there be some short-term pain? Count on it. Will there be long-term benefits to the U.S. worker? Expect it.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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