Muslims organize to Islamicize Amazon

Un-American labor union SEIU stands with three Muslim contractor employees of Amazon to Islamicize the workplace.

Muslims March on Amazon Over Prayer Breaks.PNG
Source: Pajama Media

Tyranny of the Minority – Read the full story via this link:

Getting straight to the humorous part of the story, the SEIU says “a strongly worded letter” from the “Seattle faith community” would be delivered to Amazon during the rally planned outside the company’s headquarters.

So now the SEIU posits itself as a leader of the religious people of Seattle.

The Muslim protestors are not employees of Amazon. They are employees of a security services contractor just so there be no misunderstanding. Speaking as a business owner, Amazon has absolutely no obligation whatsoever to provide special accommodations for persons not in the employ of Amazon.

I encourage Amazon, a company from whom my home and my business receive packages on a nearly daily basis, to stand against Islamists who would take over the operations of the company.

The Swedes, French, Germans, Brits, and the people of Michigan and Minnesota can attest to the consequences of submitting to the tyranny of Islam.

The great divide between Judeo-Christian western societies and Muslim societies lies along the lines of the value of life. We in the west generally revere life while Islam is steeped in a culture of death.

While true there are more nice Muslims than mean ones, the big problems arise out of the minority of the mean ones.

To further your understanding of the SEIU labor union, I recommend you read from the Washington Times, PATTERSON: Labor unions and communism

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