Give Honor to Whom Honor is Due – Nurses Week 2017

This week was devoted to honoring nurses. For me, this is a no- brainer, something I readily do. As one of those with less than perfect health, I’ve been in and out of hospitals for various reasons since age 4 when I broke my jawbone.


James with stethoscope - In This Family Nobody Fights Alone
James Howard White, RN, May 20, 1972-March 3, 2017

I was the proud father of a registered nurse. Was. He died. Not in a car wreck. Not suicide. Heart failure.


He was worn out after many years of nursing in emergency rooms, six of those years in the Parkland Hospital ER, the last several years at Charlton Methodist ER.

This month of May 2017 James Howard White would have celebrated his 45th birthday.

In recent years, a heart attack preceded five-bypass open heart surgery. In the Baylor Hospital ICU, two wonderful young women nurses cared for me. To me, they were like angels.

My numerous hospital visits for various surgeries were made good experiences due to the skillful care of registered nurses.

Registered Nurse Emily Weston writes in This Nurses Week: Ask your nurses if they are burned out, “It hurts to be a nurse, especially in ICU or oncology… I may have come to the end of my capacity.”

Nurses are ordinary people with extraordinary jobs through which they experience the most difficult moments in the lives of their patients. Like Emily Weston, many have very

Gravesite Flowers 4-13-17
Burial site – Resthaven Cemetery, Rockwall, Texas

tough assignments dealing with life and death on a daily basis.


Pray for the nurses whom you know that God’s grace would be upon them in great measure.

I thank God for the many wonderful nurses who have cared for this old man in his time of need. Today, I honor all registered nurses and invite you to do likewise.

God bless America.

John White

Rockwall, Texas

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