Fresno State University Faculty Member Exercises His Free Speech in a Non-Free Speech zone

Students for Life peacefully, and with permission, drew pro-life chalk endorsements on a university walkway. Public Health Department professor Gregory Thatcher denies them their constitutionally protected natural right to free speech.

Thatcher is an alumnus of the University of South Carolina-Columbia.


Watch his assault on the pro-life students recorded in this video.

The outcome? Fresno State student Bernadette Tasy is suing Professor Gregory Thatcher for violating her First Amendment constitutional right to free speech.

Fresno State Student Bernadette Tasy sues Professor Gregory Thatcher
Source: The Fresno Bee, 11 May 2017

The takeaway is this: When graduates of Rockwall, Rockwall-Heath, and Royse City high school students encounter rogue authority in institutions of higher learning, they have legal recourse. They can sue.

Learn more about Students for Life. Click on the banner below.

students for life banner.PNG

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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