Back to Egypt or Make America Great Again?

Let’s set up a historical parallel to our present situation.

Over one million Jews were enslaved in Egypt. Life was miserable for the Jews. The heavy hand of bloated Egyptian government oppressed them. They cried out for helpback to egypt and God heard them.

Their miserable situation didn’t develop overnight and deliverance didn’t happen overnight either. In fact, Moses was at least 80 years of age when he got the call to lead his fellow Jews out of Egypt.

Under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, Moses became a human wrecking ball that messed up the establishment, politically and religiously.
Through a series of miraculous events, Pharoah got to the point he wanted the Jews out of Egypt. He was for it before he was later against it. (I just had to say this.) Moving on.

Life radically changed. Overnight. Those Jews were accustomed to the socialistic regime of Pharoah. So it was that a groundswell of discontent caused Moses’ favorability rating to drop like a rock. The opposition called for his impeachment and they wanted it now!

God, you see, wasn’t the least pleased by the rebellion fomented by the opposition. He was at the point of destroying every last Jew in the crowd, but God’s 80-year-old human wrecking ball stood in the gap and so it came to pass that today Israel is the most amazing nation on the face of the earth. First in technology, first in innovative agriculture, first in Nobel awards – this is what happens when God’s man has his hand on the rudder of the ship of state.

Here we are, 3,463 years after “Wrecking Ball” Moses got the Jews out of Egypt. It wasn’t easy then. Moses got the Jews out of Egypt, but he couldn’t get Egypt out of the Jews!

Bringing this story up to date, it’s the year of our Lord 2017. On May 18 at 5:30 am, national debt stands at $19,863,496,001,447. We are a stone’s throw away from hitting $20 Trillion.

The Bible says the borrower is a servant to the lender. This astronomical national debt is unsustainable. We can NEVER pay down this debt, even if the IRS took every last cent we earn.

Something has to change.

God raised up another “human wrecking ball” in the person of businessman Donald Trump. He knows what to do and when to do it, but our modern-day suffragettes, establishment politicians and bureaucrats, don’t want us delivered from the situation.

Here’s why I retain hope. As recorded in Numbers chapter 16, an evil triad of rebel leaders conspired to unseat Moses. In the process of Organizing For Action, calls for Moses’ impeachment hit the high mark.

What followed wasn’t a pretty picture. If God doesn’t intervene now, very soon, America will likewise not be a pretty picture.

I pray the Holy Spirit awakens believers and convicts unbelievers. This is spiritual war, so put on the Whole Armor of God and go to battle for our nation.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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