Mr. President, Here are a few reasons we do not want Joe Lieberman to head the FBI

  1.  knLieberman has advocated for mass surveillance of our citizens, something even the ACLU opposes. Ref: The Asymmetry Between Past and Future, and Why it Means Mass Surveillance Won’t Work
  2. Lieberman says the right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental right, but he staunchly and ignorantly wants gun-free zones practically everywhere. His actions contradict his statements on this subject.
  3. He was Al Gore’s running mate. Gore is one of the most radical so-called ‘environmentalists’. I don’t readily forget Lieberman was a long-time establishment Democrat.
  4. He voted AGAINST The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act; Bill S 397
  5. His values are not in line with freedom-loving Americans.


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