It’s not a ban – It’s a moratorium.

I thought a definition of a term may help liberal federal judges on the issue of the executive orders to check the flow of potential terrorists onto our shores. Yes, you Democrats are welcome to elevate your literacy, too.

mor•a•to•ri•um  (môr′ə tôrē əm, -tōr-, mor′-), n., pl.  -to•ri•a (-tôrē ə, -tōr-),  -to•ri•ums. 

  1. a suspension of activity: a moratorium on the testing of nuclear weapons.
  2. a legally authorized period to delay payment of money due or the performance of some other legal obligation, as in an emergency.
  3. an authorized period of delay or waiting.

Indonesia, Pakistan, and India are the nations with the largest Muslim populations andterror in london these three are not affected by the President’s moratorium on immigration from seven Middle East Muslim countries. The seven countries in question are Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen, all identified by Barack Obama’s administration. I refer you to an official posting by the Department of Homeland Security titled DHS Announces Further Travel Restrictions for the Visa Waiver Program and dated February 18, 2016.

Houston, we have a problem

One national news media – Fox – accurately reports on the facts. The balance report nothing. CNN, MSNBC, and NBC elect to slander our President, and by association, you and me, ‘you’ meaning my fellow Americans who elected businessman Donald Trump to be our leader.


CNN host calls Trump ‘piece of sh*t’ over renewed call for travel ban

NBC News Throws Shade on President Trump’s Terror Tweet: ‘Info is Unconfirmed’

MSNBC Federal judge (Obama appointee and personal friend) blocks Trump’s new travel ban (while Obama is coincidentally in Hawaii)

To their credit, ABC News generally reports accurately on the matters of Muslim terrorists and on Muslims who oppose those terrorists.

Just to be very clear

There is absolutely no right to immigrate to this country at will.

President Donald Trump did not selectively identify the seven Muslim countries. It was Barack Obama who identified them.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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