Muslims openly threaten U.S. Christians and Jews in NYC on Ramadan

muslims threaten Christians and Jews in NYC.PNG
Screen shot from the Gateway Pundit

Hamas-linked Muslim activist Linda Sarsour knows very well the president’s executive order does not ban either Muslim immigration or Muslim visitors. She knows very well the purpose of the executive order is to restrict travel into our country from seven Middle Eastern Muslim countries where we have no secure means to vet travelers.

Quoting GP reporter 

“New York – Muslims continued on with their civilization Jihad as they took over the street in front of Trump Tower during ‘Iftar’ or ‘breaking their Ramadan fast’.

There is no reason for this other than Muslims letting the infidels know that they here and working on their Islamic takeover.

Of course Hamas-linked, Linda Sarsour was also there spewing more lies about her intentions as a Muslim activist. She claims Trump is full of hatred and divisiveness which of course is untrue. The real hate and divisiveness come from Islam and Sarsour knows it.

Muslim countries are the most bigoted places on earth. Several Muslim countries don’t even allow Israeli Jews to enter, yet Sarsour acts like a victim. Saudi Arabia prohibits Christian churches and Jewish Synagogues from being built, so save us the crocodile tears, Sarsour.

To the above, I add Saudi Arabian ‘charities’ fund the construction and operation of Wahhabi Mosques across America. Learn more from a PBS Frontline transcript of A SAUDI TIMEBOMB?. This Frontline program was aired in 2014.

A 2016 article in the NY Post reports, “…the Saudis fund up to 80% of American mosques, at least in part. And their goal is the same here as it is elsewhere in the world where Islam must compete with other religions: to prevent Muslims from integrating into the host society.”

Muslims can never integrate into American society. But, there is good news.

Now, the good news is millions of Muslims are coming to faith in Jesus Christ. Read Why Are Millions of Muslims Becoming Christian? in the National Catholic Register (19 May 2016).

Read more good news from The Blaze (12 Jan. 2017): Droves of Middle East Muslims are converting to Christianity.

British Prime Minister May finally gets it. Muslims are truly out to conquer and subjugate Great Britain.

On our side of the pond, Democrats are hell-bent on destroying all America stands for. Corruption in the universities and madness in liberal state governments pose greater threats to our national security than the sum of all Muslim jihadists.

Democrat activists (paid and unpaid) stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the jihadists unaware that they are as much a target of Islamists as are we Christians and Jews.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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