Nuclear War? I say put up or shut up.

north korea icbm
Throughout the Korean War, the Russian and Chinese communists, proteges of Russia, used North Korea as a proxy to remove American military influence from the region.

Troops on the ground were Chinese and the planes in the air were Russian.

The Korean War would be more accurately described as the first war between the U.S. and China.

From The National Interest, 29 Oct. 2014: Deadly Lessons: The Last Time China and America Went to War

China purchases coal from North Korea and sells all manner of military supplies to Kim Jong Un who is hell-bent on the destruction of the United States of America. Under pressure from our government, China has stopped or greatly curtailed coal purchases, but the Russians are stepping in to prop up Kim.

Neither China nor Russia are our allies in anything whatsoever.

If we are to have nuclear war, let’s have it now. Waiting will simply allow the communist bloc to improve and greatly expand nuclear arsenals that will surely doom our nation.

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