Anti-American Leftists Attack President Trump, Our Proxy In The Battle To Make America Great Again

targeting trump and you
Let’s be clear: President Trump’s agenda is America’s agenda. There. I said it.

Interesting isn’t it? The former president Obama, speaking from his home turf of Indonesia, attacked American patriotism, calling it “an aggressive kind of nationalism”.

Democrats relentlessly attack President Trump from his first day in office. Radically stupid Democrats like Maxine Waters have been calling for his impeachment from before he assumed the office of President.

Candidate Donald Trump easily won the electoral college vote, the only vote that counts. Let’s more closely examine the popular vote counts.

    Trump     Clinton
Recorded Popular Vote 62,979,636 65,844,610
Official difference 2,864,974
Estimated fraudulent votes 3,000,000
Probable true popular vote 62,979,636 62,844,610

Obviously, Mr. Trump won both the Electoral College vote and the popular vote.

Leftist news media are but extensions of the Democratic Party. Throughout the 2016 campaign, right up to day, the leftists’ assaults on our president have achieved two outcomes: First, credibility for the mainstream media is in the toilet and, second, President Trump’s popularity continues to rise, along with the stock market.

Each attack by the left on our president is an attack us, collectively and individually.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

3 thoughts on “Anti-American Leftists Attack President Trump, Our Proxy In The Battle To Make America Great Again

  1. Regarding your vote chart: So you’re saying there were 3 million fraudulent votes, and they were ALL for Clinton? Where did you get this data?

  2. Andy, my business of many decades involves measurement and control. As such, I deal with precision, approximations and estimations.

    Go back to the posting and notice the link titled “Estimated fraudulent votes”. The key word is ‘estimated’. This is not and cannot be a precise apart from running a lie detector on every person who cast a vote.

    My opinion: 3,000,000 is a modest number. Due to the way voting takes place in the most populous state in the union, the number of fraudulent votes cast in California could easily surpass the posted estimate.

    Up in the New England area, fraudulent votes closely approach lawful votes as voters cross state lines to vote in their home states as well as the state of their residency.

    I hope this answers your question.

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