Government-Off-The-Rails – A sordid tale of establishment corruption

mueller expands his probe again
Image: Frontpage Magazine 21 July 2017

The stated purpose for the Special Prosecutor is to investigate possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

So, when did Mr. Donald Trump become Candidate Donald Trump? The answer is July 2016 when he announced his candidacy.

It’s time for all Americans, regardless political affiliation, to rise up and say ENOUGH!! Enough of this mindless campaign to overturn the 2016 Presidential election.

Mueller expands his “investigation” a second time for a span of TEN YEARS prior to the 2016 elections.

Background: Mueller is a Democrat, a former FBI director who hired a staff of Democrat lawyers that were all Clinton contributors. Even Senator Chuck Schumer should have the discernment that this is government-off-the-rails.

While there is ZERO evidence of wrongdoing by Mr. Trump, there is ample evidence of wrongdoing by Mrs. Clinton. Why is there no investigation of her? Have the establishment people so compromised Jeff Sessions that he cannot do the right things?

Today I will tell my two U.S. Senators, John Cornyn and Ted Cruz, to end the witch hunt that threatens our national security, our international prestige, and, if allowed to continue, will cause investors to lose confidence in the United States of America. When investors lose faith in the economy, there will be a disastrous depression the likes of which the world has never seen.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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8 thoughts on “Government-Off-The-Rails – A sordid tale of establishment corruption

  1. Mr White – this site has shown my comment as “awaiting moderation” for over a week now. Is it you who moderates comments?

  2. hmm – weird. my most recent comment went through (asking about the original comment), but the original comment is still “pending moderation.” Is this an essential limit on length? The original comment was a few paragraphs.

  3. Part 2 of my “awaiting moderation” post – which included 2 hyperlinks. Posting the second part with no links in case the links are the reason they wont post:

    In a letter formalizing the appointment of the special investigator, deputy AG Rosenstein said Mueller was authorized to oversee the entire Russia investigation, including “any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump” and “any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation.

    Therefore, the expansion of Mueller’s investigation could very well have arisen out of Mueller’s investigation into the campaign itself. The scope isn’t limited in timeline to just the election cycle. If the investigation in fact yielded discovery of an association between the campaign and Russians, it makes sense to expand the timeline to see how far back the association goes, especially given the alleged business ties Trump has had for years to Russia.

    Further, it’s the obstruction of justice that’s the real potential crime here. I’m sure you’ll remember that Mueller was appointed after Trump fired Comey – which some questioned as possible obstruction, and set these wheels in motion. Now, I happen to think it’s foolish to believe Russia is responsible for Trump winning the election. The dems chose a weak candidate and she lost to a stronger one – it’s about as simple as that. However, members of the Trump administration have been untruthful about their contacts with Russia, which to me is the real story. Even if Trump is purely innocent of actual collusion, the adage holds – “the cover up is worse than the crime.” And there seems to have been a lot of apparent deceit and attempts at cover up. Don’t you think that’s worth investigating?

    1. Hillary Clinton knowingly and willingly violated several criminal statutes through her unlawful exchanges of classified information through her unsecured private email server. She lied to the American people about the circumstances of the Benghazi disaster. Her corrupt influence peddling to allow sales of uranium to Russia, alone, could result in a long imprisonment.

      The motivation, the objective of the Russia probe is to discredit President Trump in order to overthrow the 2016 election, thereby preserving establishment political machines. Even our Senator John Cornyn is involved in this disgraceful affair.

      If you personally have evidence of wrongdoing, you have an obligation to report your evidence to the AG’s office or to the FBI.

      The fact of a businessman talking with a Russian official is an ordinary event that happens practically every day of the year. This is true for all the nations with which we conduct trade.

      Mueller is greatly expanding his ‘probe’ into the past ten years of Trump’s businesses, a time when he was neither an elected officeholder or a candidate for such an office. Mueller is an integral gear in the establishment political machine.

  4. Rockwall Conservative try checking Corruption a little bit closer to home, like 1111East Yellow Jacket. Tell me what do you call it when a Judge entertains a Lawsuit where the Plaintiff’s attorney Atty. Sid Murphy LIED twice in the complaint. Not difference of Opinion but LIES. easily Proven LIES. Then the Judge in the case John Brian Williams denied me my rights under Rule 199, which allows telephone Depositions where the parties are over 150 Miles away, For the record Williams order me to appearing his court in less than 8 Hours, I was living in Boston at the time. over 1600miles away. He is Corrupt and Bribable and you should do something. Think Nationally, but act Locally.

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