A Case for Emergency Preparedness – Nuclear War

Up to this point in human history, the United States of America has the distinction of being the only nation to use nuclear weapons on an enemy. In fact, we used two on Japan. You need to know we are no longer a private club of one.

Over the years, there has been a proliferation of nuclear weapons.

According to Business Insider magazine, the nine nations armed with nuclear weapons have a combined total of 14,900.

map of nuclear nations 2017.PNG
Source: Business Insider magazine – Jan. 27, 2017

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists estimates we are but 2 minutes, thirty seconds before midnight, closer to global nuclear war than at any time in our history up to this point in time.


Source: The Sun August 22, 2017


How long after an enemy launch of a nuclear ICBM (InterContinental Ballistic Missile) before it reaches the United States? About 33 minutes. Max.

How far can you go? How quickly can you reach a bomb proof shelter? You don’t know because you – and your community – are not prepared.

CNN Headline: North Korea warns of ‘merciless strike’ ahead of US-South Korea drills | Updated 6:03 AM ET, Sun August 20, 2017 

Your Plan of Action

Why do I write all the above? It’s to elevate your awareness of the risks to you, your family, and your property should one of the above natural disasters hit your community.

What Can YOU Do?

FEMA’s Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Program trains volunteers to prepare for the types of disasters that their community may face. Through hands-on practice and realistic exercises, CERT members:

  • Learn how to safely respond to man-made and natural hazards
  • Help organize basic disaster response
  • Promote preparedness by hosting and participating in community eventsFEMA CERT Logo
  • Prepare “go bags”, small backpacks with essential items: medicines, first-aid kits, emergency clothing, and other items you and your family may need to carry you over until temporary residency can be found.
  • If you were to lose 40% of your retail food supply, do you have a backup pantry to feed your family?
  • Join City of Rockwall CERT Serves Rockwall and Heath
  • Join EastTex Regional CERT

My wife and I received this training two years ago.

city of rockwall CERT logo

Here in Rockwall County, the Office of Emergency Management provides this training. Think. Prepare. Act.


Submit your questions via a reply to this posting and I will promptly answer.

John White
Rockwall, Texas
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