Who are those masked people? CNN unmasks Antifa.

cnn unmasks leftist antifa.png
Link to CNN story: Unmasking the leftist Antifa movement

Updated 8/20/2017 at 2023 hoursCNN revised the above-linked story under pressure from AntiFa. Regardless CNN’s cowardice, those masked thugs are what they are: anarchists, fascists, un-American.

Antifa claims to oppose fascists. What is a fascist? One online dictionary defines fascism “a political movement that employs the principles and methods of fascism, especially the one established by Mussolini in Italy 1922–43”. The term derives from the Italian word fascio, meaning bundle, a tight bundle. It boils down to control of the masses by outlawing free speech.

The Antifa movement, ostensibly organized to fight fascism, is inherently a fascist movement.

Ironically, Antifa closely follows the Nazi economic model the organization claims to oppose. Antifa opposes capitalism, therefore Antifa opposes basic freedoms that formed the foundation of our country.

Read and view another CNN story titled “What is Antifa?“.

The five freedoms enveloped in the First Amendment empower the people to publicly oppose government wrongdoing, whether perceived or actual. A truly free society

A truly free society requires openness and for this reason, criminal defendants have a right to face their accusers. Bandits wear masks to act anonymously. Antifa activists also wear masks to act anonymously. Draw your own conclusions.

I commend CNN for outstanding coverage of the Antifa movement.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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