An update on emergency preparedness

Over recent weeks, I published blogs promoting emergency preparedness. I am pleased to report that both CERT classes available in Rockwall are filled to capacity. The Rockwall CERT team says they expect to schedule another CERT class next month. As classes become available, I will post those notices.

In the photo below, Houstonians found themselves short on basic commodities essential to day to day life.

kroger clients lined up outside Kroger during hurricane harvey

How can you beat the last minute shopping rush? Have a week’s supply of nonperishable foods stored at home, along with other aids to endure short-term situations like hurricanes.  By the way, at the moment, a new hurricane is in the Carribean Sea and it’s following Irma’s path.

It has been my objective to alert my fellow Americans to the potential disasters that can disrupt your daily life. FEMA describes most of them and offers advice on how to deal with each situation.

One CERT fellow chided me for being an alarmist. His notion of CERT volunteer work is traffic control during parades and occasional assistance to homeowners after tornadoes or floods.

On 8/19/17, I published A Case for Emergency Preparedness – Natural Disasters. One genuinely potential natural disaster is an eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano.

There are sixty such supervolcanoes around the world.
Scientists monitoring and studying Campi Flegrei, a supervolcano in southern Italy, warn us this supervolcano is about to erupt. Read from 9/18/17 Scientists locate potential magma source in Italian supervolcano which states, “Scientists have found the first direct evidence of a so-called ‘hot zone’ feeding a supervolcano in southern Italy that experts say is nearing eruption conditions.”

Read more at:

What happens if this particular supervolcano blows its top? One report predicts, “If the analysis is accurate, air transport could be thrown into complete anarchy, with flights over European skies suspended indefinitely.

Indefinitely is an adverb that means the disruption would possibly last a very long time. Disruption of all air traffic in Europe would directly affect life in the United States.

Is a supervolcano about to blow its top? Only God knows. Should we be prepared to deal with natural disasters and other emergencies that can disrupt life for a time? I say, yes, and my wife and I are prepared for at least one week’s disruption.

Undergoing CERT training can prepare you to survive just about any disaster and to be of service to your community.

As CERT classes come open, I’ll be posting information on how to participate.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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