Las Vegas Hotels Screening Guests and Luggage with Metal Detectors – Feel Safer Now?

Subsequent to the mass shooting of concert goers in Las Vegas, Mandalay Bay and other hotels are now screening guests and testing luggage for weapons using metal detectors. Will this prevent the next incident? Will this prevent killers from bringing weapons into hotels?

To answer the question, let’s look at how weapons and contraband get into the hands of prisoners behind bars and how prisoners escape high-security prisons. Do visitors to convicts bring in weapons and drugs? Do visitors provide avenues of escape for prisoners? The answer to both these questions is an emphatic NO.

Las Vegas Shooting
Image: screenshot from Variety magazine: Vegas: Broken Windows at Shooter’s Mandalay Bay Hotel Room (Photos)

No, in practically all jails and prisons impenetrable glass physically separates visitor from inmates.

So, how do illegal weapons get into prisons and who aids in prisoner escapes? Prison employees and/or contractors facilitate such things. Example one, example two, Example three.

TSA and airline employees have been caught aiding and abetting thefts and smuggling. Example one, example two, example three.

Down on our southern border, Borders and Customs Enforcement moves employees about to prevent (as much as possible) criminal aliens from corrupting BCE personnel to enter this country. Present and former employees have been arrested for criminal corruption. Example one, example two. 

Even CIA agents have caught smuggling drugs across the border. Example .

The Point

Very probably the Las Vegas murderer bribed one or more hotel employees in order to sneak his armory into that hotel room.

Frisking guests is an effective public relations gambit to the sheeple among us who want to “feel safe”.

Las Vegas bound? You will be at greater risk of attack because you will “feel safer” and, I hate to say this, you are deceiving yourself.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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