Is the EMP threat genuine? Senator Bob Hall knows it is and the Feds agree

bob hall understands emp threat.png
Image: Screenshot of Washington Examiner video story

Is the EMP threat genuine? Your federal government says it is. Here is a link to an official US Government website on the subject of emergency preparedness against nuclear explosions.

Texas State Senator Bob Hall (R-SD2) and I have an up-close-and-personal history involving nuclear armaments. His experience was with ICBMs armed with nuclear warheads. My experience was with the delivery of nuclear bombs from military aircraft.

A nuclear blast near the earth’s surface has a devastating effect on persons and properties within a limited radius. A high-altitude nuclear explosion is a very different experience.

What is an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)? A CNN video titled “What’s an electromagnetic pulse attack?” lays out the consequences of an EMP attack:

I am thankful for Senator Bob Hall’s work in the Texas Senate to ‘harden’ power systems and infrastructure in the Great State of Texas.

News video from the Washington Examiner titled “Congress warned North Korean EMP attack would kill ‘90% of all Americans‘” via this link:

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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