George W. Bush comes out as an anti-Trump spokesperson for the leftists

Dear FORMER President George W. Bush,

Today I read how you lambasted President Donald Trump as he strives to restore economic freedom and fiscal soundness to America. [Daily Mail]

bush 43 lambastes trump and gives a pass to obama

And, you chose to voice your complaints while in New York City against a sitting president?

Where were you when Barack Obama used his pen and his telephone to run roughshod over our Constitution?

Where were you when Barack Obama’s DOJ was smuggling deadly firearms into Mexico?
Where were you when Barack Obama DOUBLED our national debt?

Now I remember! You were kicking off the 2017 Presidents Cup at Liberty National Golf Club in Jersey City, N.J with your closest presidential friends Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. [Golfweek]


Were you to make the same speech against our president here in Texas you would have been booed off the stage.

You were quick to ally yourself with your buddies Clinton and Obama in the matter of earthquake relief for Haitians who are NOT U.S. citizens, but you are conspicuously absent from relief efforts for Puerto Ricans who ARE U.S. citizens. [SOS Children’s Village] bush-clinton-obama-haiti-relief

Meanwhile, President Trump has personally attended the urgent needs of hurricane victims in Texas (sorta where you live), Florida (where your brother lives), and Puerto Rico. Where were you? Criticizing the president who waives his salary and rolls up his sleeves.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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