José Antonio Navarro – A Founding Father of the Great State of Texas

José Antonio Navarro

Few here in North Texas know his history. His home was in San Antonio but the statue seen above is less than an hour’s drive from downtown Dallas. Why there and not in San Antonio?

José Antonio Navarro was born to Spanish parents at San Antonio de Béxar on February 27, 1795.  According to the Texas State Historical Association (TSHA), his father was a native of Corsica, and his mother was descended from a noble Spanish family.

He was a self-taught lawyer licensed to practice law in San Antonio.

Navarro ardently supported Stephen F. Autin’s efforts to colonize Texas. He and Austin developed a deep friendship that endured the rest of their natural lives.

While Texas was still a part of Mexico, Navarro was elected to the Coahuila and Texas State Legislature and also to the Federal Congress located in Mexico City.

Along with his uncle, José Francisco Ruiz, and Lorenzo de Zavala, he became one of the three Tejano signers of the Texas Declaration of Independence of March 2, 1836. There were 59 delegates to the convention.


Navarro signature on Texas Declaration of Independence
José Antonio Navarro’s signature on the Texas Declaration of Independence


Clarification on Ethnicity – There were four ethnic groups living in Texas at the time of the War of Independence from Mexico: Texians (Anglos & Europeans), Tejanos (Spaniards & Mexicans), indigenous Indians, and black slaves of African descent. The latter two played no role in the Revolution. I will be writing a separate summary of the role of black slaves in Texas history.

The people of Bexar (San Antonio) elected Navarro to the Texas Congress as their representative. One of his chief goals was to protect the rights of Tejanos.

As it is with all of us, José Antonio Navarro’s political choices weren’t always good choices. He sided with Mirabeau B. Lamar in opposition to Sam Houston’s policies. Navarro participated in the ill-fated and unwise Santa Fe expedition that landed him in a Mexican prison for fourteen months. He was able to escape and return to Texas.

There was one other unwise decision which he shared with Stephen F. Austin. In the time before the Revolution; the two supported the election of Antonio López de Santa Anna to the presidency of Mexico. Santa Anna was one of those people who would take both sides of issues. I must confess I have also supported politicians who flip-flopped on principles and values.

He was the sole Hispanic delegate to the Convention of 1845, which was assembled to accept or reject the American proposal; after voting in the affirmative, he remained to help write the first state constitution, the Constitution of 1845. He was subsequently twice elected to the state Senate, though in 1849 he refused to run again. In 1846, in recognition of his contributions to Texas over the years, the legislature named the newly established Navarro County in his honor. The county seat was then designated Corsicana, in honor of his father’s Corsican birth. As a devout Catholic, Navarro strongly condemned Sam Houston’s association with the nativist and anti-Catholic American (Know-Nothing) party. He was equally critical of Houston’s pro-Union vote on the Kansas-Nebraska issue. Always a strong advocate of states’ rights, in 1861 he defended the right of Texas to secede from the Union. Although he was too advanced in years to participate in the Civil War, his four sons served in the Confederate military. In 1825 Navarro married Margarita de la Garza; they had seven children. He died on January 13, 1871. – TSHA, Navarro, José Antonio

Texas history is replete with imperfect men who founded the Republic of Texas, yet God by his Grace finishes the work by which Texas has become the greatest state in the tombstone of jose antonio navarroUnion.

José Antonio Navarro died at the age of 76 years on January 13, 1871, and is buried in the Texas State CemeterySection: Confederate Field, Section 2 (D) Row: A  Number: 6, San Antonio, Texas.

I invite you to join me in honoring the name and memory of one of the most prominent founding fathers of Texas: José Antonio Navarro.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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AG Paxton: Judge Lee Yeakel’s ruling against SB8 is faulty on the basis of existing federal law

Honorable Ken Paxton
Office of the Attorney Generalseal of the great state of texas
300 W. 15th Street
Austin, TX 78711-2548

Subject: Yeakel ruling on SB8

General Paxton,

U.S. District Judge Lee Yeakel’s Ruling Texas Senate Bill 8 is in gross error, according to the Supreme Law of the Land.

The State’s legitimate concern with the preservation of the life of the fetus is an interest having its primary application once the fetus is capable of living outside the womb. – IX. CONCLUSION

Judge Yeakel incorrectly interprets Roe v. Wade. He concluded there is a woman’s right to kill her baby in the womb. No such right was created in 1973. The Supreme Court forged a right to privacy that is inherently unconstitutional because it applies only to women.

Fact: The U.S. Constitution does not explicitly provide a right to privacy. Over the years, federal courts have cobbled together bits and pieces of the Bill of Rights along with unconstitutional judicial activism to create law out of thin air.

Fact: The U.S. Congress has never created a law to either (a) give a woman a right to an abortion or to (b)  confer a special right exclusively for women.

Article VI of the Constitution defines the supreme Law of the Land.

“This Constitution…the Laws of the United States…and all Treaties…shall be the supreme Law of the Land.. and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby…”

Fact: The Supreme Law of the Land supersedes any and all Supreme Court opinions contrary to the Laws of the United States.

While the above arguments may not serve to protect unborn Texans, the following does.


(a)(1) Whoever engages in conduct that violates
any of the provisions of law listed in sub-
section (b) and thereby causes the death of, or
bodily injury (as defined in section 1365) to, a
child, who is in utero at the time the conduct
takes place, is guilty of a separate offense under
this section.

(2)(A) Except as otherwise provided in this
paragraph, the punishment for that separate offense
is the same as the punishment provided
under Federal law for that conduct had that injury
or death occurred to the unborn child’s

(d) As used in this section, the term “unborn child” means a child in utero, and the term “child in utero” or “child, who is in utero” means a member of the species homo sapiens, at any stage of development, who is carried in the womb.

The above citations of law are found in the Unborn Victims of Violence Act of 2004 (short title).

I encourage you to draw on existing federal law that defines the unborn child as “child in utero”.

The State of Texas was at the forefront of the legal battles to defend the Right to Life in 1973 and is again at the forefront of defending the natural Right to Life.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

Copy: Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, State Senator Bob Hall, State Representative Justin Holland

Texas SD-2 Republican Candidates – How They Compare on Key Issues

Key Issues

Right to Life: a plank of the Texas GOP 2016 Platform [Item no. 88]BOB HALL FOR - CINDY BURKETT AGAINST

All innocent human life must be respected and safeguarded from fertilization to natural death; therefore, the unborn, the aged, and the physically or mentally challenged have a fundamental individual right to life, which cannot be infringed.

Parental Rights: a plank of the Texas GOP 2016 Platform [Item no. 101]BOB HALL FOR - CINDY BURKETT AGAINST

Parental Rights and Responsibilities- Local, state, or federal laws, regulations, or policies that limit parental rights in the rearing of both biological and adopted children shall not be enacted. Parents have the God given right and responsibility to direct and guide their children’s moral education.

School Choice: a plank of the Texas GOP 2016 Platform [Item no. 147]BOB HALL FOR - CINDY BURKETT AGAINST

We believe that all children should have access to quality education. We support the right to choose public, private, charter, or home education. We support the distribution of educational funds in a manner that they follow the student to any school, whether public, private, charter, or home school through means of tax exemptions and/or credits.



The Texas Home School Coalition | Why Homeschoolers Should Oppose Cindy Burkett for Texas Senate

Empower Texans | 2018 Primary Endorsements

With respect to these three key issues, Cindy Burkett consistently opposed the GOP platform and she aligned herself with House Speaker Joe Straus.

Texas Right to Life PAC reports Cindy Burkett as down to 72.58% pro-life in 2017. Rounding up, how can a lawmaker be 73% pro-life? Can a woman be 73% pregnant?

A lawmaker is either 100% pro-life (as per the GOP state platform) or the lawmaker is not.

Senator Bob Hall consistently voted 100% in support these three key planks of our GOP platform.

In years past, I block-walked for Cindy Burkett even though I was not in her district.

In the 2018 Republican primary, I will vote to re-elect the true conservative, Bob Hall.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

For further information, view these two Left-to-Right|Liberal-to-Conservative charts via this link:

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si el socialism fuera tan bueno
Translation of statements on graphic:

If socialism were as good as they say,
Berlin wouldn’t have made a wall,
The people wouldn’t have escaped from Cuba on rafts,
And in Venezuela, they wouldn’t be standing in lines for food.
(The little red logo says “No to leftist fanaticism“)

Read a Washington Times article dated 11/4/17 titled: Millennials would rather live in socialist or communist nation than under capitalism: Poll ‘This troubling turn highlights widespread historical illiteracy in American society’

Our three-year-old granddaughter wanted so very much to touch her grandmother’s coffee cup heater. Grandmother repeatedly warned her against touching it, but one day she elected to ignore the warning and laid her hand atop the hot surface. She no longer wishes to touch the cup heater.

Is there a crisis in public and university training in America? Yes, there is a genuine crisis due to historical revisionism.

I experienced my first up-close-and-personal with this crisis in a weekend conversation with my eldest son, then a student at Sul Ross University. We discussed Cuba, a subject dear to my heart. His closing statement to signal his belief he won the debate was: “Well, Dad, you know Castro is the best thing that ever happened to Cuba.” I responded, asking him, “Have you ever talked to any Cubans about this?” He dismissed me, saying I have ignorant opinions.

My eldest son is a product of leftist education from a public university. Over the years, his worldview changed somewhat.

In 1959, Cubans were not hungering for socialism. They just wanted to be rid of the corrupt Batista tyrannical government. Castro promised change. He just didn’t reveal what the change would be and a socialist-communist regime was firmly set in place.
At one point in time, Fidel Castro boasted, “Cuba has the cleanest and most educated prostitutes in the world.” Who are these well-educated prostitutes? They are doctors, nurses, and teachers who supplement their meager socialist income by prostituting themselves to sex tourists. LA Times

The poor Venezuelans, on the other hand, welcomed socialism that promised cheap food, ‘affordable’ housing, and free medical care. Hugo Chavez actually placed Cuban administrators into every level of the Venezuelan government and Cuban medical personnel provided the free medical care. For a time, Chavez even flew Mexican patients to Venezuela for free eye care with the end of fomenting a communist takeover of Mexico.

Where is Venezuelan socialism today? Educated Venezuelans, including mothers desperate to feed their children, teachers, and doctors, willingly prostitute themselves. [Miami Herald ]

Millenials are the largest voting bloc in our country.

During Jesus’ three-year ministry on earth, some believed in him, others did not. How could there be any unbelief after all the amazing miracles witnessed by thousands of Jews? I have no qualified answer to this question, but I know a sure-fire experience that removes all doubt. The Apostle Peter and I shared this experience.

Matthew 16:13-17 describes this experience.

When Jesus came to the region of Caesarea Philippi, he asked his disciples, “Who do people say the Son of Man is?
They replied, “Some say John the Baptist; others say Elijah; and still others, Jeremiah or one of the prophets.
But what about you?” he asked. “Who do you say I am?
Simon Peter answered, “You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God.
Jesus replied, “Blessed are you, Simon son of Jonah, for this was not revealed to you by flesh and blood, but by my Father in heaven. And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock [of revelation] I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.

In August of 1974, I experienced this rock of revelation. Nothing and no one can shake me of my belief in the Lord Jesus Christ.

My point: Speaking to like-minded American adults, there is nothing you can say to dissuade most Millenials from their hunger for socialism. But, a divine revelation of truth will ring them all around.

Rabbi Jesus is the way and the truth and the life.

My prayer to God is a request for revelations of truth to the Millenial generation. I see no plan ‘B’.If we wait for them to learn the reality of socialism first-hand, as did Cubans and now Venezuelans, it will be too late to save our beloved country.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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The Secret Ingredient for the Best Thanksgiving Ever

Over forty years ago, while completing a major construction project, a union strike nearly brought the work to a screeching halt. A seasoned project manager said about the labor-vs-management animosity, “There’s been a lot of trench-digging over the years. It’s time for someone to do a little back-filling.”


forgiveness is a reflection of thanksgiving
Forgiveness is unlocking the door to set someone free and realizing you were the prisoner!”           Max Lucado


Is it possible to truly be thankful to God while unforgiveness boils away in your heart?

Give us today the food we need, and forgive us our sins, as we have forgiven those who sin against us. Matthew 6:11-14

What’s the function of that conjunction? The conjunction and binds your daily provision to your willingness to forgive. Stating this another way, forgiveness is a prerequisite to a wonderful life.

In Spanish, Thanksgiving Day translates to el Día de Acción de Gracias – the Day of  Action. Giving thanks is an action, not a holiday, not an elaborate meal, it’s something to do.

Regardless what trenches have been dug between you and others, this is an excellent opportunity for some back-filling.

Perhaps an amendment to your usual-and-customary Thanksgiving feast is intentional forgiveness of all who have lied about you, mistreated you, stolen from you, abused you, or misused you.

As recorded in Matthew 27:14, Jesus did not answer his accusers. When was the last time your answer to an accusation dissuaded your accuser? Never? Just let it go.

Years ago, I chose to follow Jesus’ lead. I never answer accusations because accusations are rejections. Are accusations painful? Yes, but there is a sure cure. The pain reliever of forgiveness is closer than your medicine cabinet, cost you nothing, and results are guaranteed.

Warning: Forgiveness is Addictive

Forgiveness is the secret ingredient to a wonderful life and a recipe for a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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