Behind the Scenes of the Mueller Witchhunt to Discredit President Trump

Hillary Clinton said, “Russia has been an ally.” She publicly stated to the Russian ambassador, “We want to reset our relationship.” Why, after all these years of Russian enmity and Russia’s propagation of communist doctrine, would Hillary want to make up and be pals with the Russians? It was to facilitate her sale of American uranium to Russia and you surely understand the role of uranium in the fabrication of nuclear weapons.

deep state - the enemy within
A nation cannot survive treason from within…The traitor moves freely within..his sly whispers heard within the very halls of government itself. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

I invite you to view the video, then read a statement from Scott Wheeler. Afterward, please share this blog posting.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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The following advisory is from Scott Wheeler, GOP Trust Executive Director

Breaking — Rep. Trey Gowdy said that FBI Director Comey told members of Congress that Gen. Flynn did not intentionally lie to the FBI

Yesterday a plea agreement was announced between Gen Michael Flynn and Special Counsel Mueller’s office. We have called this from the beginning. Notice what Gen Flynn pleaded guilty to, it wasn’t a Justice Department paperwork infraction regarding his work for Turkey. It was the far less important charge of lying to the FBI about a conversation he had with the Russian foreign minister, after the election.

There was no reason for Flynn to lie to the FBI about that conversation. It was, in fact, perfectly legal. The discussion was pertaining to cooperation with the Russians on fighting ISIS and about sanctions against Russia. It was perfectly legal for Flynn to have that conversation. Flynn said he didn’t recall the conversation, so how could the special counsel prove otherwise?

The fact is, they seemed to have threatened Flynn with things he could have been prosecuted for, but then said if you agree to the charge of lying to the FBI we will only charge you with that crime.

Why that crime? Because it fits the narrative that Mueller and the Democrats, along with their media allies, are trying to sell to the American people — that President Trump and his campaign colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election.

Absent from the special counsel’s charge against Flynn is any illegal action regarding the conversation with the Russian foreign minister — it was completely legal. What they discussed is what they should have been discussing. This all falls into the category of the things we have been reporting to you would happen.

We have reported to you time and again that impeachment is a political matter not a criminal matter. Mueller and the Democrats are trying to push a majority of people to support impeachment, and the more they can make it look like “Trump Russia collusion”, the easier impeachment will be without any political cost to the Democrats. In fact, they are preparing to call themselves “heroes” for this attack on our nation and our election.

Now you might be thinking, well, even if they impeach Trump we still have conservative Mike Pence to take over. That is not what the Democrats have in mind. They are plotting to take Pence out with the same “collusion” story they have concocted to get Trump.

It is up to us, that is you and our team together, to blow the whistle on this corrupt scheme and expose Hillary Clinton in the process. We may be the only group that can get justice. But we can do nothing without you.

Our investigation has led to the Russia story being turned against the Clintons, but we must continue to investigate and we must get the new ad seen everywhere. That is the only way we will get justice.

We need everyone reading this message to kick in whatever they can to help with these efforts. We need one hundred of you to give a thousand, and everyone else to give what they can. This is a very important effort.

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