Sheila Jackson Lee: The Queen of Hearts – Her Bio Written in the Headlines

The latest shenanigan by Texas Representative Sheila Jackson Lee unleashed a torrent of news stories detailing her mistreatment of staff, airlines, etc. This last installment whereby she took over a first-class upgrade from another woman passenger was, apparently, the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.

queen sheila pulls the race card and says off with her head
‘Queen’ Lee attacks a D.C. teacher with her race card

Headline 26 Dec. 2017 | Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee: Terror of the skies since 1995

“The Democrat has developed a reputation for making life hell for any clerk, stewardess, or pilot unwilling or unable to make her three-and-a-half-hour flight anything less than glamorous. She takes advantage of federal travel perks to book multiple flights (only to cancel at the last minute and at no charge). She demands an upgrade to premier seats. She expects, in her words, “to be treated like a queen.”

Headline 28 Dec. 2017 | ‘I’m a queen and I demand to be treated like a queen!’ How Congresswoman involved in race row on plane was chauffeured a block to Congress and was nearly banished from an airline before

“Several decades worth of coverage of Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee suggests she’s behaved badly on planes – and on automobiles – before this week’s incident.”

Headline 26 Dec. 2017 | Congresswoman who ‘bumped’ passenger from flight plays the race card

“When [Jean-Marie] Simon [a Washington, D.C. teacher and human rights activist] went to board with her first-class ticket, an agent said it wasn’t in the system. Another United attendant told her that had changed her reservation an hour earlier and upgraded another passenger to her seat.”

Headline 26 Dec. 2017 | Jackson Lee again named ‘meanest’ Congress member

“The Washingtonian has again awarded Jackson Lee, D-Houston, the position of meanest Congress member among Democrats.

“The “award” is part of the magazine’s biennial survey “The Best & Worst of Congress.” The survey allows congressional employees to anonymously rate their bosses on the Hill.”

Headline 5 Oct. 2014 | The Best & Worst of Congress 2014

Category: SHOWHORSE in the House


“…The Democratic congresswoman from Houston Texas Sheila Jackson Lee’s elitist attitude about the people she serves needs to be exposed for the person she really is…she is the problem keeping black people in the plantation with her hateful rhetoric that is so divisive. She holds back the people in her district in the ghetto called the fifth ward in Houston”

Headline 13 Mar. 2014 | The Constitution Is 400 Years Old and More Pearls From Sheila Jackson Lee

sheila jackson lee pearls.PNG
I forego quotes from this news story. You have to read them for yourself.

WARNING: The Rockwall Conservative bears no responsibility for readers who laugh themselves to death.

NOTICE: Death threats, derogatory statements, and salacious claims of racism may be transmitted to the author via comments to this blog.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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