Send Parents To Jail If Their Kids Bully Other Children?

send parents of bullies to jail

North Tonawanda, a town located in western New York, instated a new rule on Oct. 1 that allows parents to be fined $250 or be sentenced to 15 days in jail if their child violates city laws two or more times within a 90-day span.

Lock up the parents for a kids misbehavior? Is this good policy?

Christine Morgan, a teacher of 31 years says: “‘Bullying’ is now used to cover anything and everything from actual assault to mild unwelcome comments: and nearly all the ‘bullies’ I encountered in 31 years of teaching were children who had their own issues. Some parents need to get off their phones and do some parenting. Jail is not the answer: doesn’t address the victim’s problems and doesn’t produce ‘better’ people when the culprits return to society.”

The use of generalizations – in this case, ‘bullies’ – sets a broad spectrum of people into a group which is then easily the target of a politically-correct government.

“The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance.” – John Philpot Curran, July 10, 1790

How can you and I exercise Eternal Vigilance when we have children, businesses, and all manner of social activities?

We do so when we choose to do so. What can we do? We can vote, learn the issues of the hour, debate ideas and solutions among ourselves, and communicate with our elected representatives.

Along the way to recovery, let’s prohibit the grouping of our students under the banner of ‘bullying’.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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