Attention all debtors! Yes, you, you, and you!

Your Congress just piled on more unsustainable debt to an already unsustainable national debt. Your individual tab is at present $173,549 and will dramatically increase over the next 12 months.
national debt as of 23 March 2018

How did they vote on the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018?

Sen. John Cornyn:      Yea
Sen. Ted Cruz:             Nay

Rep. John Ratcliffe:    Nay

Rep. Robert Francis O’Rourke (the Democrat challenger to Ted Cruz goes by the nickname ‘Beto’ to sound Hispanic) also voted Yea.

Rep. Pete Sessions voted Yea to raise the national debt another TRILLION dollar$. Why do I mention Pete? When the congressional district lines are redrawn, Pete will probably be representing Rockwall County.

I invite you to send a thank you note to Rep. John Ratcliffe (TX CD-4). Let’s applaud his oppostion to the outrageous Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018. Use John’s official contact form, enter your Zip Code + Extension and follow the prompts to the page where you can send your message to him.

I amend this posting to provide a link to a pertinent report from Grassroots America: Unprincipled Conservatives

Elections matter. In 2016, the resolution to repeal the seventeenth amendment became a plank in the Texas GOP State Platform. I submitted the same resolution again this year.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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