ICE Deports Convicted Drug Dealer – Leftists Play the Victim Card

Yahoo News headline: Advocates fear ICE is targeting immigrants who speak out

convicted drug dealer deported
Fox News headline: Army veteran facing deportation denied pardon by Illinois governor

Facts are Fundamental. Miguel Perez-Montes was deported because he is a convicted drug dealer, a felon. I am a veteran as are many other American citizens. Our veteran status gets us discounts at Denny’s Restaurant and Home Depot, but we don’t get a pass on felonies. If you do the crime, you will do the time.

We veterans get no Get Out of Jail cards for service to our country. GET OUR OF JAIL FREE CARD FOR VETERANS

The leftists widely claim that ICE “separates families” and is “targeting immigrants who speak out”.

Another fundamental fact: ICE is, in fact, targetting illegal aliens. They are successfully targetting and deporting KNOWN CRIMINALS who happen to be illegal aliens.

LULAC, the ACLU, and a host of Democrat fake news media companies would have you believe ICE is a sinister federal agency commissioned by President Trump to persecute all undocumented aliens. Where were these leftist organizations and fake news media when President Obama was deporting the illegal aliens?

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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