The Most Reliable Parachute

A few years ago, I was a Texan in the backseat of an even older Texan, a 1944 AT-6.

As I climbed into the rear seat, the ground crew instructed me on the use of the parachute “in case of emergency”. Well, I flew as a flight engineer on a specialized Naval aircraft and it was then and there that I promised myself I would never voluntarily jump from an aircraft that had any chance whatsoever of safely landing!

I endured Navy parachute training and did not enjoy even one moment of the experience.

flight of the AT-6 Texan

Many years later, I was a passenger on a commercial airliner on final at O’Hare Airport in Chicago. A terrific thunderstorm over the field caused the aircraft to violently shake and bounce us about the cabin. The violence terrified a fellow passenger, a lady seated by the window (I always chose aisle seats). She had in her hands a rosary, feverishly praying. I was surprised smoke wasn’t rising from those hands.

Seeing the fear in her eyes, I gently touched her shoulder and assured her we would be landing with no problem whatsoever. She had nothing to fear.

Looking at me, she asked, “How can you be so sure?”

I answered, “It’s not my time.” Truthfully, no one knows their time.

At some time, somewhere, my time to die will be at hand. Here’s the bad news: we all die.

Here’s the good news, God has given us a divine ‘parachute’ in the form of his Son Jesus Christ, Yeshua Hamashiach to the Jews, Isa ibn Maryam to the Muslims.

My wife and I purchased grave plots at Rest Haven Cemetery. If someone were to reopen our underground vaults years after our burials, they would probably find our remains.

Jesus was cruelly executed probably in the year AD33. On the first day of the week after

Jesus Tomb Site in Jerusalem 1.jpg
Jesus’ empty tomb in Jerusalem

the Romans crucified Jesus, earthquakes shook the earth as he was resurrected from the dead. Take a peek into his tomb today and you will see NOTHING. He isn’t there. He is alive. He defeated death, the last enemy.


Jesus isn’t a baby in a manger. He’s not hanging on a crucifix. To be sure, his tomb lies empty today and daily viewed by people from all over the world.

Jesus promises, “Because I live, you will live also.” John 14:19 NKJV

While flying about in the AT-6 Texan, I developed a personal relationship with the pilot. Many years before, in August of 1974, I began a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

A menacing cloud of atheism swarms over the country but an unstoppable flood of the Holy Spirit will soon be washing over all mankind. Already around the world, the work of the Cross and the presence of the Holy Spirit manifest among various people groups. Millions of Muslims come to faith in Jesus by divine revelations through dreams and visions.

Regardless your past life, irrespective of your sins, there is a place for you in the Body of Christ.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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