Why Communism is Not the Worker’s Friend

The Communist Party USA purports to support workers, but nothing could beHammer-And-Sickle-Symbol-And-Its-Meaning-Soviet-Union-Symbol-Flag farther from the truth. Once in power, communists stifle all freedoms necessary for the protection of workers.

U.S. based communists are no different from either Russian or Chinese or North Korean communists.

Under the heel of communist Mao Zedong, 45,000,000 million Chinese workers died over a four-year period of time.

The Chinese communists welcomed American factories and American technology, ostensibly to benefit Chinese workers. However, once again, President Xi – aka Mao Zedong II – readily quashes the dissent of Chinese workers to build his power base.

Read from Time Magazine: China’s Chairman Builds a Cult of Personality

My question now: How many Chinese people will die under the heel of the present communist government?

Read from the NY Times: China’s Communist Party Is Abandoning Workers .

Are you paying attention, Bernie Sanders? What about you loyal Democrats? Socialism is the path to communism.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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