What You Need to Know About the Democrats’ Scheme to Reverse Your Gains and Reduce Your Freedoms

The following should convince all American voters to reject the Democrat Party this 2018 election season, solely on the basis of economic impact.
Nancy Pelosi will repeal all the tax cuts

Nancy Pelosi pledges to repeal the Republican tax cuts. Really? What are the benefits of the tax cuts so far? Let’s look to published results.

National Review, 12/27,2017 | GOP Business Tax Cuts Force Other Countries to Compete

Business Insider, 12/22/2017 | Companies are rushing to announce special bonuses and pay hikes after the GOP tax plan

Washington Examiner, 1/14/2018 | Tax cuts drive business back to the Motor City

Investor’s Business Daily, 3/13/2018 | Federal Tax Revenues Hit Record Highs — Are Trump’s Tax Cuts Paying For Themselves?

Investor’s Business Daily, 2/7/2018 | Go Figure: Tax Revenues Climbed $18 Billion In First Month Of GOP Tax Cuts

GOP.com, 3/22/2018 | Millennials Are Thriving In The Trump Economy

What’s at stake?

When federal government oversteps the enumerated powers, there are undesirable consequences because the government is not a good investment beyond its core responsibilities.

We gauge the size of government by the budget: the bigger the budget, the bigger the governmentfreedom formula chart.

Governments are inherently fiscally inefficient because there is no profit, no capital formation. When the government needs more money it simply prints more money which then leads to inflation and the dollar buys less.

Most important of all is your freedom. The size of government is inversely proportional to our freedom.

Let’s review the accomplishments of this president in his first year in office.

From Newsweek Magazine, 1/20/2018 | TRUMP’S FIRST YEAR: HIS TOP 82 ACCOMPLISHMENTS

  1. 100 percent vote by UN Security Council to sanction North Korea.
  2. 41 percent decline in illegal southern border crossings
    97,482 illegal immigrant arrests, 70 percent convicted of additional crimes, 52,169 expelled
  3. Adopted a resolute policy on Afghanistan
  4. Advocated for practical tertiary education
  5. Advocated for skills-based immigration policies
  6. American companies now expanding rather than shipping jobs overseas
  7. Announced sanctions targeting Iran’s Revolutionary Guards
  8. Appointed a Transportation Secretary who is modernizing air traffic control
  9. Appointed an Education Secretary who is correcting abuses of Title IX
  10. Appointed an EPA administrator who has rescinded over 30 regulations
  11. Appointed an FDA director who is facilitating generic drug competition
  12. Appointed an Interior Secretary to improve forest management and expand users of public lands
  13. Approved the Keystone pipeline
  14. Called for international support of Iranian protesters
  15. Canceled school lunch program that failed to force children to eat unpopular foods
  16. Constructed test models of the border fence
  17. Convinced Japan and South Korea to increase defense spending
  18. Convinced NATO members to honor minimum financial commitments
  19. Decertified Iranian nuclear treaty and sent it to Senate as constitutionally required
  20. Designated North Korea as a state-sponsor of terrorism
  21. Eliminated prohibition on interstate health insurance sales
  22. Ended abuses of the student loan forgiveness program
  23. Ended forced provision of contraception by Catholic nunneries
  24. Ended requirement for state funding of Planned Parenthood
  25. Ended research into Y2K preparedness
  26. Ended rule requiring employers to report pay data by gender and race
  27. Expanded school-choice efforts
  28. FCC has begun to dismantle unnecessary Internet “Neutrality” regulations
  29. Foreign firms building plants and creating jobs in the U.S.
  30. Improved rules of engagement for military personnel in combat situations
  31. Initiated resistance “sue and settle” tactics against EPA
  32. Initiated sanctions on Venezuelan dictatorship
  33. Introduced regulatory budgeting requiring agencies to rescind two rules to issue a new one
  34. ISIS bombing ramped up from about 20 to 500 or more airstrikes per week
  35. ISIS ground campaign intensified; Raqqa captured, its fighters surrendering in large numbers
  36. Issued a National Security Strategy
  37. Kate’s Law passed House now pending in Senate
  38. Leveraged U.S. contribution to UN budget to force 5 percent budget cut and reduce staffs
  39. NLRB reversed rulemaking indirect employee control sufficient to be “joint employees”
  40. Nominated 60 judges, 21 confirmed, none yet denied
  41. Nominated a new Fed chief
  42. Nominated one Supreme Court judge, who was confirmed
  43. Obtained release of Aya Hijazi after three years in Egyptian prison
  44. Obtained release of Caitlan Coleman and husband from Haqqani
  45. Obtained release of UCLA basketball players from China
  46. Raised awareness of Opioid addiction crisis
  47. Recognized Jerusalem as Israeli capital and announced a plan to move U.S. embassy there
  48. Reduced excess size of two national parks in Utah
  49. Reduced permanent staff in all Cabinet agencies except VA, HS, and Interior
  50. Reduced White House staff by 110
  51. Repeal of ACA mandate included in tax change bill
  52. Requested increased funding for missile defense in face of North Korean and Iranian threats.
  53. Rescinded (temporarily) the Jones Act, facilitating speedier emergency shipments to Puerto Rico
  54. Rescinded 2015 Waters of the United States rule
  55. Rescinded ban drilling in the Arctic and coastal areas
  56. Rescinded coal mining ban on public lands
  57. Rescinded criminalization of accidental killing of migratory birds
  58. Rescinded Cuban cash giveaway
  59. Rescinded the “Clean Power Plan”
  60. Rescinded the “War on Coal”
  61. Rescinded threat to pull funds from schools that prohibit transgenders picking their bathrooms
  62. Rescinded Title IX “guidance letter” on sexual harassment
  63. Restored policy barring federal funding of abortions overseas
  64. Restoring military capability in the face of personnel shortages and equipment failures
  65. Revamped U.S. space program, assigning ambitious new objectives
  66. Revised rules for screening potential terrorist tourists
  67. Sanctioned Venezuela for human rights violations
  68. Sanctuary cities legislation passed House pending in Senate
  69. Signed 74 legislative bills (13 reversing executive orders) and 23 joint resolutions into law
  70. Signed comprehensive tax change bill containing most of the changes he proposed
  71. Signed legislation opening Arctic Natural Wildlife Reserve [ANWR] to oil drilling
  72. Signed legislation to expedite firing of incompetent VA officials
  73. Supreme Court largely upheld ban on selected travelers
  74. Taking steps to control the rogue Consumer Finance Protection Agency
  75. Targeted MS13 gang members for priority deportation
  76. The president’s lawyers announced a framework for restoring the separation of powers:
    1. Congress should cease delegating its legislative power to the executive branch
    2. Courts should stop rubber-stamping regulations and orders that lack the force of law
  77. Executive will end informal “guidance documents” that undermine due process
  78. U.S. energy production is on the upswing
  79. U.S. sorties and assisted forces reduced ISIS to 2 percent of the area controlled in 2016
  80. Unemployment is at 4.1 percent, a 17-year low
  81. Withdrew from Paris Climate Accord
  82. Withdrew from UNESCO (a warning to other wasteful, overstaffed UN agencies

Perhaps the crowning achievement to date is the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

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