On This Day in History – The U.S. Embassy Opens in Jerusalem

When Lance Wallnau prophesied Donald Donald J. Trump would become the 45th president, I couldn’t imagine such a thing. Like 2/3 or more fellow Texas voters, Senatortrump-cyrus coin Ted Cruz was the candidate for whom I worked to get elected.

Disclaimer: Lance does not call himself a prophet; it is I who call him a prophet because he fulfills the role of a prophet.

On February 18, 2016, Lance said God was raising up Donald Trump as a “human wrecking ball”, a Cyrus-like leader who would set things right.

The above prophecy was given two years and two days before the inauguration of President Donald J. Trump. I refused to accept this as a prophetic word. (Advance the video to the 0:59 mark.)

That Tuesday evening after the Indiana polls closed we knew then – for certain – that businessman Trump would get the nomination.

I was crestfallen. My wife and I were delegates to the 2016 Texas State GOP Convention. My prayer was this, “Oh, God. Please give me a reason to go to the convention this weekend.”

God answered my prayer within a few minutes through a ‘tweet’ from Lance: “Remember what I told you?” From that moment on, I was at peace with Mr. Trump becoming the Chief Executive.

Today, May 14, 2018, is the 70th anniversary of the restoration of Israel and the day we open our U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem.

Is it not interesting the Israelis minted a commemorative Trump-Cyrus coin? (pictured)

Arabs and other Muslims are up in a lather. There are ongoing protests and more sure to follow.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem:
“May they prosper who love you.
Peace be within your walls,
Prosperity within your palaces.”
For the sake of my brethren and companions,
I will now say, “Peace be within you.”
Because of the house of the Lord our God
I will seek your good.
Psalm 122: 6-9 NKJV

Will a new Temple be the next big thing in Jerusalem?

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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