Jihad Coming to America – See Something, Say Something

London, capital of Great Britain has earned the title of Londonistan where the mayor is Muslim and horrific crimes perpetrated by Muslim gangs befall native Brits moment by moment.

Video source: Facebook, World News page: With the ISIS flag on streets of London, muslims calling for jihad against America, Jews and “crusaders”.

Here in the USA, the state of Michigan is now known as Michiganistan. Muslims also swiftly overtake Minnesota.

One undesirable byproduct of Muslim jihad in America is the law instituting the TSA. The law was passed by Congress two months after 911 and signed into law by Bush 43. s

Instead of guarding us against more Muslim assaults, the TSA has, instead, cast suspicion on all Americans. TSA employees regularly grope children, women, and men.

In the next video from one month before the first (above), Abdul Hamid asks why 60% of British people have a negative view of Muslims. No, really.

Barack Hussein Obama opened our borders to unbridled middle eastern immigration, preferring Muslims over Christians.

As a reminder, the event that spawned the creation of the TSA was that heinous attack on the World Trade Center twin towers and the Pentagon was the workmanship of Muslim jihadists, chiefly from Saudi Arabia.

Flight instructors and federal authorities recognized those 911 terrorists had the potential to do great harm but did nothing to prevent it.

In recent time, two armed Muslim jihadists attempted mass murder in Garland, Texas, a 14-mile driving distance from our city of Rockwall.

TSA is a knee-jerk reaction that mollifies the uninformed who just want to “feel safe”. It is paralyzed by political correctness to the point Muslim female employees are permitted to wear their religious head coverings. To date, the TSA has stopped precisely zero terrorist attacks. In fact, TSA regularly fails the tests by the Inspector General whose people easily get past checkpoints with weapons and mock bombs. To be sure, TSA employees will find your nail clippers.

Don’t allow yourself to become paralyzed by political correctness. If you see something suspicious, say something to law enforcement officials.

Rockwall Police Department      972-771-7717
Rockwall County Sheriff              972-204-7001
Heath Dept. of Public Safety      972-771-7724
Royse City Police Department   972-636-9422
Fate Public Safety Dept.              972-771-7724

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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