Inner-city Gun Violence – Government is the Problem

UPDATED 16 July 2018

Headline 6/26/2018: 21 shot, including 2 children, within 14-hour span in Chicago

chicago shootings
Screen capture: WGN-9 TV in Chicago

The story is more complex than just “when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns“.

Most major U.S. cities are under the control of well-meaning liberal politicians who believe, despite evidence to the contrary, that government can alleviate poverty and homelessness by dumping more taxpayer dollars into public housing, welfare programs, ample food distributions, and free medical care.

The more money municipal governments dump into public welfare programs the greater grows the homeless population and inner-city crime and violence.

News  Media References

San Francisco Mayor London Breed, in her first one-on-one interview since taking office, said homeless advocacy groups that receive funding from the city need to better educate the homeless to “clean up after themselves.” Bigad Shaban from NBC Bay Area’s Investigative Unit reports. (Published Saturday, July 14, 2018)

What’s the Cure?

The best starting point is to understand homelessness, per se, is not a one-size-fits-all issue. Homelessness can be attributed to the loss of a mortgaged dwelling, dramatic increases in monthly rentals, mental illnesses, wanted criminals hiding plain sight, drug addictions, laziness and slothfulness, rebellion and other reasons.

What’s the cure? The cure starts by segregating root causes.

  • People who are truly mentally ill should be professionally and medically treated benjamin franklin on the poor.pngand not locked away in the local jail.
  • Identify the criminals and prosecute them according to the law.
  • End the sanctuary city syndrome to expel illegal alien criminals as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Require workfare to become eligible for welfare.
  • The inner city marketplaces of major Texas cities feature panhandlers at intersections asking for handouts. Ask yourself, is this reasonable when we now have record LOW unemployment, more job openings than job applicants?
  • Intelligently evaluate each case to separate truly needy persons from the truly lazy.

Ronald Reagan wisely said, “If you want more of something, subsidize it…”

CARE Center Ministries has been transforming inner-city residents for about 30 years through various proven programs like the RACE Program which is a one-year residential program for men with life-controlling problems, such as alcohol and substance abuse; also, those who have behavioral dysfunctions or a criminal history; the Tree of Life Women’s Refuge Program, a one-year residential program for battered and addicted women that provides refuge, training and a faith-based, 12-step program; and the Overcomers Program, a Christ-centered 12-step program that began in the mid-1980s when a young man, who was newly clean and sober, wanted to reach out to fellow addicts and show them the freedom he had found in Christ. Since that time, the group has grown into an international ministry that is still reaching those caught in the vise of life-controlling issues.

CARE Center Ministries is funded by local churches; this is the cure.

Government programs are not a cure; they are indisputably a cause.

To this point in time, governments haven’t proven themselves capable of solving inner-city gun violence and other crimes among poor populations; government is not the cure.

Government is a poor substitute for the Church for which Biblical duties include, feeding the hungry, quenching the thirsty, housing the homeless, visiting those imprisoned, healing the sick, preaching the Gospel, clothing the naked, caring for orphans and widows. And, all this is done without tax dollars and, therefore, without government controls. Local churches are the answer, the cure.

When can you start?

CARE Center Ministries
7912 Antoinette St, Dallas, TX 75217
(214) 824-9852

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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