Confessions of a (former) Dallas County Democrat

What or who is a Republican? I knew none in my south Texas hometown. Everyone wasmy name is john - i am a former democrat a Democrat, therefore I was a Democrat. Harry Truman was president at the time of my birth.

Democrats were the good guys, Republicans the bad. That’s all I knew about the history of either political party.

When Georgia peanut farmer Jimmy Carter ran for office, he was my guy. We had much in common. He was Baptist. So was I. He taught Sunday School, as did I. Like me, he was a son of the South. I not only voted for him; I campaigned for him and I was delighted when he was sworn into office January 20, 1977.

My elation over the election of Jimmy Carter died a violent death. His inept Middle East policy, the Iranian revolution, a 444-day hostage crisis, his corrupt inner circle of Georgia good ole boys, and a lingering distaste for the Democrat lawmakers who left South Vietnam in the hands of the North Vietnam communists all worked to drive me from the Democratic Party.

Ross Perot’s daring, well-planned, and precisely executed rescue of his EDS employees in 1980 drew my attention to the Republican Party.

In 1980 I voted Republican for the first time and forever.

I don’t point to Ronald Reagan for my political party conversion; Jimmy Carter gets all the credit!

Over the last 38 years, my interest in and appreciation of American history has become ever greater. Truth liberates us. My personal studies revealed to me the many lies about the two major parties, lies intended to make the Democrats the good guys, the Republicans the bad.

Dinesh D’Souza produced an amazing historical documentary that sets the historical record straight. I urge all voters, particularly independents and Democrats to view DEATH OF A NATION. I viewed an eye-opening screening of the movie. It comes to a theater near you August 3, TODAY!

Find the theater nearest you and purchase your tickets via the DEATH OF A NATION Movie Homepage. Click here to get your tickets. 

Are you a struggling Democrat? There is hope for you. Vote Republican in the November general elections.

Contact the Dallas County GOP to learn what you can do to keep America great.


Missy Shorey, Dallas GOP Chairman


11617 N. Central Expressway
Suite 240
Dallas, Texas 75243

(214) 369-9555

Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday

Karen Watson and JW at Dallas GOP HQ
Karen Watson, Dallas GOP Vice Chairman

9:00am – 5:00pm

May God bless the USA. May God bless Texas!





John White
Reformed Democrat
Republican Since 1980

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