2016 Elections offer Two Choices: Up and Down

Barack Obama introduced the era of dictatorial tyranny. What of the Rule of Law? As the 44th president infamously said of his avalanche of executive orders, “I’ve Got A Pen And I’ve Got A Phone.

Cuban communist leaders tout reforms that allow private ownership of property and the establishment of businesses chiefly to support a tourism industry. But, there is a firm resolve to remain a socialistic communist state.

On one of my several visits to that island nation, a woman now living in Miami and I discussed at length her experiences under Castro’s rule.

She said, “I can show you the pits where the bodies are buried”, referring to the arbitrary slaughter by firing squad of Cubans who may or may not pose a threat to Fidel Castro’s regime.

Most Cubans alive today, still living in Cuba, were born and raised under the socialist-communist state government. Many revere “La Revolucion” for its socialist free medical care, guaranteed monthly incomes and free college education.

Why does the United States maintain an economic embargo of that country? This is due to the theft of private property of Cuban nationals, expatriates, and U.S. citizens by the Castro regime.

In 2004, an elderly Cuban Christian remarked privately to me how he had been praying Jeremiah 51:8.

Babylon has suddenly fallen and been destroyed.
Wail for her!
Take balm for her pain;
Perhaps she may be healed.

One brave Cuban patriot penned a blog titled La Corta Noche de los Cuchillos Largos (The short night of the long knives). That author remarked that while Cubans have no guns, they all have knives, an allusion to the annihilation of their communist slave masters.

By no means has a yearning for freedom and the cry of dissidents waned from 1959 to

cuban punk rocker detained
Gorki Águila – Cuban anti-communist

the present. Artists – painters, musicians, and writers – have steadfastly decried the tyranny of Fidel Castro’s communist government.

Breitbart reports 2 August 2018:

“Gorki Águila, the leader of Cuban anti-communist punk rock group Porno para Ricardo and one of the most outspoken anti-Castro voices on the island, was arrested Tuesday and forced to sit in a hot closed car under the sun as penance following the release of a new political program.

The artist was not given an official reason for his arrest or charged with any crime.”

Gorki “violated Decree Law 349, which requires all musicians and other artists to be registered with the government and prohibits businesses from allowing non-registered artists to perform without direct approval from the government.” according to Breitbart.

Dictatorships rule by decrees, not from laws of the people, by the people and for the people. This form of government is classic tyranny.

Why do I write the above?

Democrats, funded by anti-American leftist billionaires and Hollywood leftists strive to replace conservative Democrat and Republican lawmakers and judges. By doing so, all they will need to control our society is a pen and a telephone.

Here in North Texas, the Fifth Court of Appeals is a prized target of the democratic socialists like Beto O’Rourke, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Lupe Valdez, and other socialists running on the Democratic ballots.

Getting out the vote is vital to defeating the democratic socialists in November. Pray. Ask God for wisdom. Vote Republican straight-party ticket. Get others to vote likewise.

Two choices are before us.

  • Vote for Democrats to go DOWN
  • Vote for Republicans to go UP

I am a former Dallas County Democrat and I will be voting Republican in November.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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