Apartheid v2.0 – South Africa’s Blueprint for Genocide

In July, former President Barack Obama appeared in Johannesburg, South Africa to celebrate the birthday of Nelson Mandela and the African National Congress (ANC).

Learn about the ANC from Encyclopedia.com

In brief, the nation of South Africa practiced apartheid, an official policy that segregated the population by race. The Methodist Church and classical communists united as the odd couple that championed the end to apartheid with the stated goal of “a democratic future in which all races would enjoy equal rights”. That was 1956.

ANC necklacing Winnie Mandela
ANC Necklacing

The ANC successfully defeated the South African policy of apartheid through international economic pressure on businesses and through enforced compliance of black South Africans by means of the necklace. ANC terrorists would mount a gasoline-filled tire upon any black person who ‘collaborated’ with the white South African government. It was a brutal, hideous torture that killed hundreds of blacks.

Winnie Mandela said of the necklacing, “With our boxes of matches, and our necklaces, we shall liberate this country“.

Well, liberate it they did.

South African apartheid v.20 is now underway whereby the South African government is in the process of seizing farms from white South Africans without compensation with the threat of death to those who refuse to voluntarily surrender their farms.

Concurrently, who appears on the South African scene to laud the accomplishments of the ANC thugs? A former U.S. president.  Yes, Barack Hussein Obama.

baracl obama celebrates nelson mandela and the ANC 7-17-2018

The above photo is from a UPI News story of 17 July 2018, titled Obama in South Africa: We are in ‘strange’ and ‘uncertain’ times.

Naturally, Obama denigrated the USA over our history of slavery, omitting how white Republicans liberated all the slaves and how descendants of those former slaves became today prominent national leaders, people like HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, and Professor Thomas Sowell. Oh, I must not omit the mention of a black American who became president without ‘necklacing’ black voters to get him into office.

Barack Obama made no mention of the threats to the rights of white South Africans.

Apartheid v2.0 here in America isn’t restricted to the resegregation of the races under the ploy of the ‘diversity movement’. College students, particularly white and Christian students and professors, are under assault.

This is the legacy of the Obama presidency: a Democratic Party hell-bent on socialism and empowered by fascism.

Democratic socialists clamor for a new revolution, some advocating violence against any who oppose them. Masked thugs of the ANTIFA branch of the Democratic Party denounce fascism using fascist tactics.

Dinesh D’Souza’s newest movie DEATH OF A NATION is a history of the two major political parties. All voters are encouraged to view the movie before voting this year of 2018. Find a theater near you and purchase tickets via this link: https://www.deathofanationmovie.com/

It is said, “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.” I pray we the people choose to educate ourselves on the true history of the United States of America to prevent an American version of Apartheid v2.0.

May God have mercy on us.

May God bless America.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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