President Xi’s Great Leap Backward

Chinese President Xi follows in the path of his idol, Mao Tsedong. He sees himself as Mao v2.0. What does this mean for China and what does this mean for the rest of the world?

What was Mao like as a leader? The one man who knew him best was Mao’s former secretary Li Rui. Mr. Li revealed how Mao required all Chinese to think like him.

mao demanded everyones thinking be in line with his

According to the Black Book of Communism, Mao’s own rule resulted in at least 65 million deaths from the Great Leap Forward, the massacres attending the Cultural Revolution, non-stop executions of political opponents, and huge numbers of deaths in the enormous labour camp system. – The Commentator, 21 Dec. 2013

Mao ruled China ruthlessly for 27 years (1949-1976).

“He confiscated property, enslaved peasants, enforced conformity, repudiated culture. He embarked on horrific campaigns, most notably the Anti-Rightist Movement, the Great Leap Forward, and the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. He set back China decades with zany doctrines of “permanent revolution” and the like. Tens of millions died as he created his new state.” – World Affairs, 2014

Relief came to China when Deng Xiaoping took over the reigns of government from Mao’s chosen successor. In February of 1972, President Richard Nixon visited Chairman Deng who held a state dinner in Nixon’s honor. I remember how President Nixon charmed the crowd by saying through his interpreter how he much he appreciated her and remarked that she got every word right. That remark brought down the house. A new era of Sino-American relations began.

Fast forward to the present, Deng Xiaoping and Zhou Enlai opened China for business. Christianity flourished to a point the Chinese church has become the largest single body of Christianity in the world. American ingenuity helped reshape China into an industrial powerhouse. These years truly were a great leap forward for the Chinese people.

Merely thirty years after Christianity was banned in China, Amity Press began printing Bibles and celebrated its 50th millionth Bible in December of 2007.

xi jinping president for life

Headline: CRACKDOWN ON CHRISTIANITY China rips down posters of Jesus and replaces them with President Xi and ban kids visiting Church

Xi Jinping has set himself up as ruler for life and envisions himself  v2.0 of Mao Tsedong. He is destroying churches, persecuting Christians, and requiring absolute conformity, as did Mao. President Xi may have successfully started a Great Leap Backward.

As did Mao, Xi has turned his manufacturing capacity into a massive military-industrial machine that now threatens all of southeast Asia and the western Pacific lanes of commerce.

Xi’s destructive vision has already affected every modern aspect of Chinese life. China rushes now into total control of its people. All electronic media are heavily censored and watched. Google, once a champion of free speech, has done a 180-degree turnabout and now agrees to assist the Chinese communist government in its quest to spy on its own citizens. Facebook is in lock-step with the communists, also.

Christianity and Judaism fit naturally in a capitalist economy because the Judeo-Christian worldview invites competition and intellectual inquiry. It was this brief period of openness that facilitated the awesome growth of the Chinese economy.

Hopefully, President Xi’s Great Leap Backward will come to a halt as informed and intelligent leaders come face to face with a reality check and remove him from office.

I am thankful God has raised up Businessman Donald Trump for such a time as this. If the 2018 elections turn over the Congress to Trump-hating democratic socialists, the future will favor the Marxists. It is my prayer that God-fearing, patriotic Americans, regardless of party affiliation, will turn out to vote.

May God have mercy on us, the US.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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