On September 11 this year, keep in mind the name John Brennan

john brennan facilitated 911 hijackers

Riddle – What happens when voters elect communist sympathizers to high offices?

Democrat President Barack Obama appointed this man to head the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The two things Brennan and Obama hold in common: bother were communist sympathizers and radical-left Democrats.

The Investment Watch Blog: The 19 hijackers of 9/11 got their visas stamped in the CIA post in Jeda, Saudi Arabia, and this is the man that ignored all terror concerns and stamped their passports

The Center For Security Policy: John Brennan’s Useful Idiocy For Stalinism and Sharia

The American Spectator: John Brennan’s President… Remembering Comrade Gus Hall

Mr. John Brennan had supported Mr. Gus Hall for POTUS back in the Brezhnev era. Brennan literally cast a vote for the Kremlin’s man in Washington.

Since its inception, the Democratic Party has been the party of racism, bigotry, slavery, Jim Crow laws, societal segregation, and the Ku Klux Klan.

Now, in 2018, the Democratic Party is the champion of socialism, collectivism, and communism.

Democrats stopped mentioning impeachment of President Trump until after November 6. Do remember how Democrat lawmakers threatened Trump’s impeachment before he actually moved into the office of President.

If Democrats regain control of Congress, this is what will happen.

  • There will be no border wall
  • We will have open borders
  • You will be forced back into full-blown ObamaCare and federal employees and elected officials will be exempt
  • High corporate taxes will return, driving manufacturing back offshore
  • There will be unconstitutional gun control laws tantamount to nationwide gun confiscations
  • Democrat leaders openly call for nationalization of all U.S. companies

But, you say, “There are all those imperfect Republicans running for office.” True, they are imperfect. In fact, only one man in all history was ever perfect: Jesus Christ.

The worst Republican is by far a better choice than the best the Democrats have to offer.

Vote Republican to keep making America great again.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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