Freedom under fire – the 2018 Elections: Going from hard to impossible

Nine years ago, I posted this photo of Claudio Fuentes Madan, a Cuban blogger, an activist whose worldview runs counter to the democratic socialists living in this country. He is a member of the Foro por los Derechos y Libertades (forum for rights and freedoms).

Claudio Fuentes Madan
Tattoo in English: Freedom

Today, nine years later, he is a ‘desaparecido’, a missing person. He described himself on his Twitter profile (@ClaudioFMadan): “Fotógrafo y defensor de derechos humanos. Anticastrista desde la Derecha, desde ahí aprieto mi obturador”. Translated: “Photographer and defender of human rights. Anti-Castro from the Right, from there I press my shutter.”

Claudio last tweeted on June 16, 2018, eight days following his arrest by Cuban police on June 8 of this year. After his latest arrest on July 10, 2018, he is a ‘desaparecido’, a missing person. His friends and family know nothing of his situation at this time.

Why does the communist-socialist Cuban government want to silence him? His life’s goal is to simply make movies. Claudio became an activist unintentionally.

“As a photographer and activist, he believes that his process has been organic. “In all the circles in which I have been I have belonged to those that are seen as the most radical. I see radicalism as a necessary thing. I am increasingly radical because in this totalitarianism there is no chance for the path of civic action and I do not enter into any moral questioning, the Universal Declaration [of Human Rights] is there and the whole Western world recognizes it.” – From

The democratic socialists here in the States want all-out state-controlled socialism. This has become the core of the contemporary Democratic Party.

My former pastor used to say, “Be careful of what you pray for; you may get what you want and not want what you got.

Cuban socialism didn’t happen there as it is happening here in the states. Here, the radical, atheistic democratic socialists want socialism. In 1959, the Cuban people didn’t want socialism, they just wanted to end the Battista corruption. As my dear friend Eladio, now deceased, said to me in the spring of 2009, “He [Castro] didn’t tell us he was a communist.”

Evangelist Mario Murillo recently wrote on his blog posting titled OUR RECIPE FOR DISASTER:

Satan has seduced many preachers who lead empires and independent kingdoms. They—at this hour—will not unify to speak to the nation as one voice. They can’t afford to offend for the sake of finances. Little do they know that once the left gains power they will have no empire left to defend.

Mario, is there any hope? Yes, but we need God put electrode paddles to our faintly beating hearts. We need holy rage, holy boldness. We need to talk to every believer we know and wake them up to vote and to tell others to vote. We need to confront Pastors to get in their pulpit and energize believers by the millions.

I realize that it takes courage to support Trump and our faith at this hour. Just remember, right now it is hard but if we lose in November it will go from hard to impossible.

The words of King Saul’s son Jonathan [1 Samuel 14:6] come to mind: “Perhaps the Lord will help us, for nothing can hinder the Lord. He can win a battle whether he has many warriors or only a few!”

I rehearse a familiar statement by Ronald Reagan. “If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a nation gone under.”

No doubt, if you have a pulse and are just a little aware of current events, you will readily recognize the unholiness of the deep-state governmental operatives like Barack Obama, John Brennan, James Comey, Robert Mueller, and the rest now being exposed for what they are.

God doesn’t need a Republican majority. He needs a few believers who will obey him, pray, repent, and seek His face.

May God have mercy on America.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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