Another Obama Policy Intentionally Mislabeled A Trump Policy

An August. 29, 2018 article (posted today on Twitter) by the Texas Tribune claims President Trump attacks US-born citizens of Mexican descent.
us is denying passports to mexicans with suspicious passports
The article says:

The Trump administration is accusing hundreds, and possibly thousands, of Hispanics along the border of using fraudulent birth certificates since they were babies, and it is undertaking a widespread crackdown on their citizenship.

So, this is a Trump policy. Right? No. Wrong. It’s an ongoing State Department policy.

The article also says:

The government alleges that from the 1950s through the 1990s, some midwives and physicians along the Texas-Mexico border provided U.S. birth certificates to babies who were actually born in Mexico. In a series of federal court cases in the 1990s, several birth attendants admitted to providing fraudulent documents.

Based on those suspicions, the State Department began during Barack Obama’s administration to deny passports to people who were delivered by midwives in Texas’s Rio Grande Valley. The use of midwives is a long-standing tradition in the region, in part because of the cost of hospital care.

You see, this is a policy that began under President Barack Hussein Obama, not under President Donald Trump.

Holy Scripture says, “In a lawsuit the first to speak seems right, until someone comes forward and cross-examines.” Proverbs 18:17 NIV

My own paraphrase: “Every story sounds true until you hear the other side.”

Our federal government holds the sole responsibility to prevent criminals from crossing our borders. If you happen to become a suspect, yes, it’s frustrating, it’s inconvenient, and you just may be detained. I know because this has happened to me!

According to, there are 12,757 men named John White living in the USA. On one occasion while returning from Peru, the INS detained me for quite some time to check my identity and they were not the least concerned that I could miss my connecting flight home because the mission of the INS is to safeguard American citizens. Period.

All the liberal media, including the Texas Tribune slant news stories to portray our president and Republicans in general in an unfavorable light.

The reason CNN viewership continues to decline is Americans are now looking at multiple sources for the truth. I suggest you do likewise.

May God bless America.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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