Rockwall County Commissioners Propose Major Tax Increase

Here’s what you need to know.

It’s your money, Rockwall County property owners. You need to know how this meeting

Click on Image for Official Court Agenda

will affect public spending by the Rockwall County Commissioners Court.

Link to today’s agenda:…

Read Blue Ribbon News Commissioners Court approves to post proposed Rockwall County tax rate for Fiscal Year 2019 to get the backstory on fixed vs. effective tax rates.

County Judge David Sweet apparently stands alone on the issue of restraining spending on off-budget items. Judge Sweet proposed an effective tax rate that would limit spending while all four commissioners voted for the fixed rate that actually is a tax increase due to dramatically higher property evaluations.

I urge Rockwall County property owners to speak before this special meeting this morning at 9:00 am and call for the effective tax rate to apply.

You can send your message via email to each member of the court.

Precinct 1 – Clifford Sevier

Precinct 2 – Lee Gilbert

Precinct 3 – Dennis Bailey

Precinct 4 – David Magness Commissioner

County Judge David Sweet

Commissioners are justifying the tax increase on the basis of new housing construction and the new jail to be built.

The reason for a budget is to plan to spend. The Department of Defense, TxDOT, your local church, and all businesses plan to spend in order to limit spending. As you read the Blue Ribbon News account of the first budget discussion, the commissioners are choosing the fixed tax rate – a tax increase – to cover all the items they have not budgeted.

We elected Jerry Hogan as County Judge to correct poor planning by the court and Jerry worked up a five-year plan. Our present County Judge David Sweet has not forgotten the will of the people on this matter.

The last time the county had too much tax revenue, the new courthouse project went ahead contrary to the will of the people.

Having on hand a few million dollars contingency money is a poor substitute for sound budget planning.

John White
31-Year Resident of Rockwall County
30-Year Local Business Owner

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