2018 Decision America: The Spirit of Rehoboam – The Party of Democratic Socialism

Following the death of King Solomon, Solomon’s son Rehoboam became the next king of Israel.

Two very different groups counseled him. The elders promoted republican government; his liberal friends promoted democratic socialism.

Rehoboam Causes a Revolt

A republican government serves the people. The people become slaves to a socialist government. A republican leader lessens the tax and regulation burdens. A socialist leader adds to the burdens of the people in matters of taxation and control of their daily lives.

The 2016 elections ushered in the first truly republican form of government since the days of the Founding Fathers.

This present U.S. government transforms quickly day by day as corruption and oppression come out of hiding.

Taxes have been dramatically reduced and the number of onerous regulations that have been suffocating our people has been eliminated by the thousands.

But, democratic socialists clamor for single-payer health care which few beforehand could afford, greater personal taxes, dramatically higher corporate taxes and open borders that would further exacerbate crimes against persons in this country.

Yes, the Democratic Party is a reincarnation of the party of Rehoboam that would further divide our people, utterly destroy our economy, and rob us of our hard-won freedoms and natural rights.

Look to Venezuela, Cuba, and Argentina to see the end of socialism: oppression,choose wisely loss of freedoms, colossal government corruption, hunger, and failed social support systems.

I will vote solely for Republican candidates, regardless of their individual imperfections.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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