Thursday Confirmation Vote on Kavanaugh Nomination – Then Comes a Slander in Time for a Backfire

To what extreme will the Democrats go to disqualify Brett Kavanaugh?

The accusation of sexual assault against Judge Kavanaugh is reminiscent of accusationsbrett kavanaugh of misconduct by Anita Hill, a college professor, against Justice Clarence Thomas.

In the case of Justice Thomas, all the women who knew him spoke on his behalf, discrediting Anita Hill who will go to her grave swearing she told the truth, continuing to infect college students with liberal lies.

Judge Kavanaugh’s accuser is now known. Christine Blasey Ford sent her letter to the Democrats, hoping her allegation of sexual misconduct 40 years ago would disqualify this good man.

To this point in time, 65 women, his classmates, have testified to his good character, saying he was not someone who would do what Ford claims.

Ford says fellow classmate Mark Judge was a witness to the alleged attack. Mark Judge says otherwise.

“It’s just absolutely nuts. I never saw Brett act that way,” Judge said. He told the New York Times that Kavanaugh was a “brilliant student” who loved sports and was not “into anything crazy or illegal.”

Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s despicable attempt to damage Kavanaugh has backfired.

Instead of the Democrats disqualifying Brett Kavanaugh, the alleged victim disqualified herself and Senator Dianne Feinstein.

Did I not mention she is a Democrat and a California college professor?

Update on the accuser – Breitbart: Kavanaugh Accuser Christine Blasey Ford Donned ‘Brain’ Pussy Hat for Anti-Trump March

Update on the accuser – Mediaite: Brett Kavanaugh’s Mother Presided Over Foreclosure Hearing Involving Accuser’s Parents

“Ford’s parents were defendants in a case that was presided over by Brett Kavanaugh’s mother, of whom he has spoken at length during confirmation hearings.”


“Perhaps in an attempt to hide her motives, Ford scrubbed her social media presence before the allegations came to light.”

Reference The Washingon Post: California professor, writer of confidential Brett Kavanaugh letter, speaks out about her allegation of sexual assault

She said he did it. 66 classmates say he didn’t, 65 of them women.

Urge Senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz to call for a vote on Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Contact forms for our US Senators:

Sen. Cornyn

Sen. Cruz

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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