Good News for Rockwall County Property Owners

After months of reviews, discussions, and negotiations, the Rockwall County Commissioners Court voted unanimously for the effective tax rate of 32.84 cents per $100 valuation, two cents lower than the current rate.

Rockwall County Commissioners Court 2018 v2

According to County Judge David Sweet, “The effective rate would be an extra revenue of $1.3 million or a 3.8 percent increase in revenue. It does address all four of the items of concern we touched on a few months back. The court-appointed attorneys in all three of the courts were increased based on historical data to forecast for the future in discussions that we had with all three of the judges. The autopsy services were also increased as well as conveying prisoners as I mentioned before, and there was an increase over what that projection was for that $510 mention. As far as the overtime expenses for the jail are concerned, the request from the detention center was six additional full-time staff and I included those as well.”

The adopted budget and tax rate does not reflect any costs for the proposed jail. Learn about the impact of the new jail from the County website and from Sheriff Eavenson who will hold two town hall meetings on Thursday, October 18, the first at 10 AM and the second at 7 PM.

Website information on Jail Bond election:

I wish to thank Judge Sweet and all our County Commissioners for working together for a great outcome. And, I invite my fellow taxpayers to also send messages of appreciation.

For your convenience, here are their email addresses.

John White
30+ year Rockwall County Resident
Rockwall, Texas

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