Understanding the Democrats’ Plans – Why You Should Vote Republican

  • Repeal the tax cuts

Headline: Kamala Harris and other prominent Democrats want to repeal Trump’s tax cuts and replace them with cash payouts for the poor and working class

  • Open borders

Headline: DEMOCRAT RUNS ON OPEN BORDERS: Texas Democrat Beto O’Rourke Calls for Legalizing Unauthorized Border Crossings

  • Impeach Donald Trump

Headline: Beto O’Rourke says he still supports impeaching Trump

  • Allow non-citizens to vote

Headline: Democrat-Run Cities Push Plans to Let Non-Citizens Vote

  • End capitalism, turn to socialism

Headline: Democratic Socialism Surging in the Age of Trump

Under Barack Hussein Obama, the accrued debt was approximately equal to the sum ofcapitalism vs socialism all national debt accrued under all other 43 presidents from George Washington to George Bush (43). Unemployment skyrocketed as did social services.

As it is in your own household, the most effective way to pay down your debt is to earn more. This is why a lot of people take second jobs.

The tax cuts have actually greatly increased federal income.

Investors Business Daily: Go Figure: Federal Revenues Hit All-Time Highs Under Trump Tax Cuts

It’s counterintuitive but then again it is not. Federal revenue is a function, the consequence of, money in circulation, buying and selling. As the people have more disposable income, they generate more income for others. This isn’t theoretical; it’s history as it happened under presidents Kennedy and Reagan.

Money in the hands of government is how the Democrats control us. All socialistic initiatives come from the left. All socialistic programs eventually fail because, as Margaret Thatcher said, you eventually run out of other peoples’ money.

In order to pay down our national debt, almost half of which was accrued under Barack Obama’s eight years in office, we must do two things: reduce federal spending while also stimulating the economy through tax cuts.

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