Appeal to President Trump: Close The Border Now

The Honorable Donald J. Trump
President of the United States of America
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Subject: Stopping the Migrant Caravan

Mr. President,

The massive and growing caravan of persons from Honduras and other Centralcaravan in chiapas state American countries presses onward toward our southern border, our unprotected southern border.

Our Border Patrol, Texas DPS officers, Texas National Guard personnel, and residents along the southern border are regularly under attack or assault as they strive to control the frontier.

The flood of illegal aliens, illegal narcotics, and clandestine infiltration by terrorists like ISIS is beyond the critical stage. If left unbridled, the massive-and-growing caravan of people will push the border situation beyond critical into a crisis.

It is common knowledge that there are insufficient resources to thoroughly secure the border between Brownsville, Texas and San Diego, California. This is why a majority of my fellow citizens appreciate the value of a border wall between these two points.

Compounding the above is the unknown financiers and instigators of this massive migration. The usual time of year for large migrations is Spring, not fall. Without a doubt, I attribute the timing to the Democratic Party. Creating a crisis on the border is how anarchists think.

Lacking an impenetrable wall, I urge you first of all to immediately close all crossing points, regardless of the impact on cross-border commerce and tourism.

Second, I suggest in the strongest way that we address the human suffering among the people of that caravan, especially the children.

To be sure, the vast majority we see on news reports are able-bodied young men seeking jobs. Nonetheless, my personal experience as a missionary to various Latin American countries over 31 years serves to point to the sick and hungry among the travelers.

There are numerous and generous non-governmental organizations headed by U.S. churches that are ready and willing to serve the sick and the hungry.

By no means do I suggest going to the aid of the travelers as a PR stunt. We Americans, at least I hope a majority of us, are compassionate toward the misery of the poor.

The two benefits to closing the border immediately are (1) the word will quickly get back to the leaders of the caravan, and you can be sure there are leaders, that further movement northward will be futile and entail a devastating return trip back to their home countries and (2) we can get about the business of coming to the aid of sick women and children who are at risk.

We have now two offices located in Mexico where genuine refugees can apply for asylum. There is no need to endure the treacherous trek across Mexico. I add to my suggestions this: send U.S. personnel into the midst of the caravan to interview for the purpose of identifying qualified refugees.

I learned first-hand the corruption and crime of El Salvador in 1986 during the civil war. My personal belief is the evil influence of Cuba’s communist oligarchy contributes significantly to the corruption of Central American governments. I also believe U.S. so-called foreign aid contributes to the corruption even more. Why would we not audit how foreign aid funds are utilized?

Close the border now, Mr. President, while they are in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas, Mexico.

Thank you,

John White
Congressional District 4
Rockwall, Texas

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