A Red Tsunami Washes Aside the Blue Wave

What happened in Houston? Was it a blue wave or a red tsunami?

Rally inside toyota center october 2018
Photo credit: President Donald J. Trump

Democrat and fake-news media promote a false narrative, saying President Trump and Senator Ted Cruz are unpopular, unlikable.

The below video from President Trump’s twitter account says otherwise. This was the scene in Houston outside the Toyota Center where the President held a rally for Senator Ted Cruz and other Texas conservatives.

Democrats blindly seek power, total control of our lives. In his eight years in office, Barack Obama would have achieved this goal but for our elections of conservative Republicans to Congress.

As of this posting, we have record early voting underway in Rockwall County, Texas.

The majority of our people are God-fearing, patriotic Americans. Many are now the victims of the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare). Thankfully, President Trump has effectively neutralized that law that was passed without even one Republican vote. In fact, it was the Affordable Care Act that energized my fellow conservative Americans to vote Republicans into Congress.

As our president says, Democrats give us mobs, Republicans give us jobs.

2 thoughts on “A Red Tsunami Washes Aside the Blue Wave

  1. I voted yesterday. First time I had to stand in line to vote in a mid-term election. Line went out the door. I only saw two Beto voters. Let’s get out the vote and keep the senate and the house. If we don’t the next two years will be hell. Take your family and your friends and vote, vote, vote.

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