Point to Ponder – When Was America Great?

dinesh dsouza - where the poor are fat

Dinesh D’Souza recently spoke about a telephone conversation with a friend in India. The friend has tried unsuccessfully for some time to come to America.

Dinesh asked the friend why he wanted to come here.

The friend answered:

I want to go to a country where the poor are fat.

When was America great? Since the very beginning. During the time of slavery? Yes, even when our first slaves where white Europeans, chiefly from Ireland, and later black Africans.

This country is the most generous in all history of all the nations on earth.

We are the ONLY nation that works and invests to restore the enemies we vanquish – verify this with the Japanese, Germans, Iraqis, and Afghan citizens.

Along the way, atheism, practical and overt, slipped into our culture disguised as liberal academia. Moral relativism, corruption of God-ordained marriage, redefinitions to our language, and a steady erosion of Constitutionally-guaranteed natural rights has been the outcome.

For a season of time over several post-Reagan presidencies our national policies demoted our citizens to a status on a par with third-world countries. These presidents were globalists, one-world government people, new world order proponents who allowed foreign interests to run roughshod over our interests.

Then along came No. 45, Donald J. Trump who pledged to Make America Great Again. In under two calendar years in office, he has restored manufacturing jobs, lessened government regulations that held a stranglehold on our freedoms, reasserted our national prestige among the nations of the world, dramatically cut taxes, positioned us for historical economic growth, dramatically increased federal revenue without raising taxes, and repatriated trillions of dollars.

Isn’t this good news? Yes, but not to the Democrats and socialists. They want ‘change’. From whom did we hear that word? The promise of ‘change’ begs the question: Change from what to what?

I confess: I need to lose a lot of pounds of body fat, get my blood sugar down and my stamina up. Okay, I’m fat and that’s that.

I am thankful that we live in a country where the poor are fat. Praise God for his abundant provision!

Election Day, Tuesday, November 6, is the last day to vote.

How will you vote? Do you want the ‘change’ that would reverse all the gains of the last two years? Or do you want to continue to restore the greatness of America? I voted for the second choice.

May God bless America, Israel, and President Donald J. Trump.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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