An Epiphany for the Dallas News Editorial Staff – Beto is an Empty Suit

Beto Orourke needs to offer specifics on migrant caravan

Dallas Morning News: Beto O’Rourke needs to offer specifics on migrant caravan

When the DMN editors decided to endorse O’Rourke over Ted Cruz, they did so based on his Robert Kennedy-esque style. They like his ‘tone’.

The editors oppose Senator Ted Cruz because they don’t like his ‘tone’.

What they didn’t focus on was SUBSTANCE.

O’Rourke’s tone and the manner in which he’s conducted his campaign became the focal point of our recommendation for the voters of Texas to make him the state’s next junior senator. But the debate about immigration is so critical to the nation and particularly Texas, it is imperative that O’Rourke do more than just offer counter-statements to Trump and Cruz about unity and bringing people together.

The DMN editors don’t get it wrong all the time. I point to the candidates running for seats on the Fifth Court of Appeals in which they endorsed all the Republicans and none of the Democrats. And, they did so on the basis of QUALIFICATIONS.

I agree: Ted isn’t cute and O’Rourke is. Ted doesn’t have as melodious a voice as does Beto. It’s also true that the young women voters are enamored with O’Rourke, many saying publicly they’ll vote for him because they like him. Like him? If they only knew…

Back in 2016, approximately 2/3 of Texas Republican voters chose Ted Cruz – including this writer – as our GOP candidate for president. Allow me to point out why. We did not choose Ted for his style, or his haircut, or his voice. We chose Ted Cruz for his SUBSTANCE, his QUALIFICATIONS, his RECORD, and the fact Ted fully supports the Republican Party Platform of the State of Texas.

Note to the DMN editorial staff: Republican voters represent tens of millions of Texans

Our GOP Platform solidly stands on ten principles and it is the matter of PRINCIPLES that describes the CHARACTER of Senator Ted Cruz.

What to do on Tuesday, November 6, 2018? Easy answer: Vote to re-elect Senator Ted Cruz.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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