After the 2018 Midterm – Good News Going Forward

Fox News Sunday, 18 November 2018 – Trump on divided Congress, Mueller probe, foreign challenges

Despite all the negative, hateful campaigning against Republican candidates, due to President Trump’s track record and his popularity, this recent election can be seen as nothing less than a success.

What about losses in the House, you ask. I point to history. The majority party historically loses house and senate seats in the midterm elections. The fact of the gains in the Senate and the small losses in the House, it was a good outcome.

Fake news media and wealthy liberal donors worked hard to portray President Trump in a negative light. In the metropolitan areas like Dallas and Houston, the evidence of the negative campaigning is clear. Republicans campaigning at Dallas County polling places were cursed, threatened, and verbally abused by Democrat voters.

Our SREC-2 representative asked one person why he hated the president. The fellow had no answer, unable to identify even one misdeed by the president. He just hates him and that’s that.

There was a colossal loss on the down-ballot offices, particularly the appellate court justices. The liberal Dallas Morning News fully endorsed all the Republican candidates for the positions on the Fifth Court of Appeals, but the Democrat voters of Dallas and Collin counties apparently don’t or can’t read. The voted straight Democrat ballot and we lost many scholarly judges.

For the future, Democrats will not be able to vote straight-party. Sadly, those unqualified Democrats will be in office for six years.

Personally, I am pleased with the outcomes. We increased our Senate majority and we picked up Republican governors.  For these, I thank God for his mercy.

Soli Deo Gloria

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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