Freedom Under Fire

The original intent of the Freedom of Speech, a natural right protected by the First Amendment, was to protect citizens who would criticize a government official.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez threatened Donald Trump Jr. over one of his tweets that criticized her.

She quickly admitted she does not have the power of subpoena in mere hours after her threat.

Democrats elected to Congress hold our history and traditions in disdain. They are characteristically elemental fascists and there warped worldview poses huge risks for all Americans.

The Freedom of Speech, also known as the Freedom of Expression in case law, protects citizens from injury by government officials who may be criticized by citizens.

The United States of America was founded a Christian nation that follows Judaeo-Christian – Biblical – principles.

Socialism, fascism, and communism, essentially practical atheism, are anathema to Judaeo-Christian principles and values.

1 – Biblical Roots of the Declaration of Independence

2 – The Biblical Basis of the United States Constitution

It is said, and I believe, students graduate from college dumber than when they first enrolled. The young lady from Brooklyn underscores this idea.

Congressional freshmen like Ocasio-Cortez will behave like playground bullies and such behavior is an existential threat to our republic and to our freedoms.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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